Alternatives to Blake Shelton For Sexiest Man Alive

As of last week, Blake Shelton was officially named 2017's Sexiest Man Alive. Now, I am just as much of a fan of cheesy love songs like "Honey Bee" as the next girl, but that's about as far as my liking for him goes. So for all of you who need to get their man candy fix, I've compiled a list of what I think would be much better alternatives to Blake Shelton. Some of these are previous "sexiest men alive", but that just further proves my point. 

1. My boo Harry Styles

Okay so this one was mainly for me and I know a lot of people don't find him attractive but I mean... seriously 

2. Chris Hemsworth 

If you haven't gone to see the new Thor movie yet, do yourself a favor and GO RIGHT NOW. My mom and I were literally drooling the entire time.

3. Liam Hemsworth

While we're on the topic of the Hemsworth's...

4. Jason Momoa

What species is this man????

5. Bradley Cooper

He kinda gives me that dorky boy-next-door vibe and I am here for it. 

6. Christian Grey - I mean Jamie Dornan


7. Matthew McConaughey 

Aging just like a fine wine 

8. Milo Ventimiglia

The OG bad boy of Stars Hollow *swoon*

9. Patrick Dempsey 

An actual real life Prince Charming 

10. Adam Levine

Why does him being a dad now make him infinitely more attractive??

11. Channing Tatum

Is this legal?

12. Jesse Williams

I suddenly have an undying need for a nose job. 

13. Ryan Gosling 

I was hooked after that first "Hey Girl" meme.

14. Ryan Reynolds 

I think he's attractive based on his humor alone. And he managed to marry Blake Lively so he's gotta be pretty great, right?

15. KJ Apa

Quite possibly the only redheaded male I've ever found attractive (even though he's not actually a redhead)

16. Cole Sprouse 

Speaking of Riverdale characters...

17. Idris Elba

I feel like Miranda Bailey and her strange obsession with this man.

18. Jared Padalecki

I'm not sure which I like more, him as Dean, or 

Currently *faints*

19. Scott Eastwood


20. Harry Styles again, for good measure

There you go, 19 whole people that would make much better choices for the cover of a magazine and the title of Sexiest Man Alive. Sorry Blake, just stick to writing good love songs.