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Alix Earle’s new podcast is the ultimate view into a girl’s world

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If you have been on TikTok, you will have seen the well-known “Get Ready with Me” videos on your feed. Typically, girls rush to do their skincare and makeup when they have less than 10 minutes to get out the door. Alix Earle is a well-known creator of these videos. With her podcast being out for a few months, I will tell you everything you need to know about it and how this is one of the most unfiltered podcasts that highlight relatable topics for women.  

Alix started posting and gaining traction on her videos in 2020 but has continued growing her followers over the past few years. She shares her crazy going-out experiences and the mornings after, getting ready to go to bars or parties with friends. 

In September of this year, she posted about her new podcast, Hot Mess. She had been signed to the Unwell network owned by Alex Cooper of Call Her Daddy. Once Alix launched her podcast with video versions of every episode, it was released every Thursday at midnight. 

On Alex Cooper’s podcast, she interviewed Earle, diving into more personal topics– about her upbringing and even sharing experiences with her sex life. Alix has turned her podcast and social media into her digital diary that we all get to read. Her podcasts are hour-long versions of her “get ready with me videos,” which she turned into a specific segment on the podcast. She shows the realities of her life by talking about her experiences with anxiety and other deep topics that make her very relatable to her audience. 

I enjoy how open and honest she is with her audience, and you can tell how passionate she is about filming the content she does; even if she posts an edited version of her content on her TikTok, she always shares the chaotic behind-the-scenes videos. Breaking the idea of everything being perfect and always going smoothly with filming and with her life. 

This is a great podcast with all the great talk and advice you could want, which is perfect for college students. It is very reminiscent of the Call Her Daddy podcast but with a more college and life focus. I recommend this podcast as a reminder of how perfectly imperfect life can be. 

Savanna Hall

App State '25

Hi, I'm Savanna. I am a junior Creative writing major with a minor in apparel design. I'm from a small town here in North Carolina and have always loved the mountains. I love all things fashion and reading a good book.