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8 Great Ways to Use a Mason Jar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.


Mason jars: we’ve all got a few lying around.  They’re great for storage and organizing.  Plus, there’s about a million cool crafts you can do with mason jars to add some pizzazz to your office or home.  Here are eight fun, practical, and easy ways to put those mason jars in your kitchen cabinets to good use!

1. Decorative mason jar.  Need a cute container to hold the pens and pencils on your desk?  Looking for a colorful addition to your nightstand?  Just feeling a little crafty? Try decorating an old mason jar.  Grab your paint, modge podge, glitter—whatever you’ve got on hand and get busy!

2. Beauty products mason jar.  We’ve all probably got that one bathroom drawer that is exploding with loose Q-tips, cotton balls, eye shadow brushes—you get the picture.  Get yourself organized by using those extra mason jars as cute storage containers. 

3. Kitchen supplies mason jar.  Sure, you can store grandma’s-green-beans-straight-from-her-garden in a mason jar, but try putting your coffee or spices in mason jars too!  Plus, it might help keep those items fresher longer.  If you’re feeling extra crafty, invest in some chalkboard paint or chalkboard labels to put on the mason jars and you can individually label each one.  You know you’ve seen this done on Pinterest and thought it was cute, so now you can do it too!

You can also use mason jars as a holder for your spatulas, spoons, kitchen scissors—anything.  Just take off the lid and pop all your utensils inside.

4. Mason jar cupcakes. If this isn’t the cutest way to serve a dessert, I don’t know what is.  These cupcake mason jars are adorable gift ideas for kids and adults alike.  You can personalize each one with different flavors or colors of cake and icing.  Plus, you can decorate the jar with a personal note or some cute ribbon to really make it interesting. If cupcakes aren’t your thing, try making a fruit parfait or similar dessert that you can layer.  Check out this blog for directions on assembling the cupcake in a mason jar.

5. Salad in a mason jar. If you indulged on a few of those cupcakes, try a salad in a mason jar! Packing salads for lunch can be tricky.  If you pour the dressing over the top, the lettuce gets mushy and gross by lunch time.  But, if you pack the dressing in a separate container, you risk it spilling all over your purse or backpack.  No matter how much you love ranch dressing, you don’t want your wallet and textbooks smelling like it… Packing a salad in a mason jar solves all those problems!  Simply pour your dressing in the bottom and layer other veggies on top.  Note:  Put your heartier ingredients in the bottom of the jar and the lettuce at the top.  Foods like tomatoes, chickpeas, peppers, and such won’t absorb too much of the dressing so you won’t have a soggy salad.  When it’s time to eat, just give the jar a shake to disperse the dressing and ingredients and enjoy!

6. Gifts in a mason jar.  So clearly you can put just about anything in a mason jar. This cute mason jar would have been a perfect gift for kids or friends this past St. Patrick’s Day.  The Rolos and layered skittles look just like a leprechaun’s rainbow! It’s a super simple way to make a cute and thoughtful gift. And who doesn’t love a little candy?

7. Mason jar flower pot.  Who needs a fancy flower vase when you’ve got a mason jar?  Pop your next bouquet of flowers in a mason jar.  Practical and cute. Perfect.

8. Mason jar candles.  Need a fun activity to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?  Try making your own mason jar candles.  Keep them for yourself or give them away as fun, homemade presents. They would be really great party favors, as you can customize the scent and color. Plus, you can probably make them cheaper than you could buy one at a store.  Check out this website for a tutorial on how to make one.

Now you have 8 great ways to put those extra Mason Jars to good use! You can even invite a few friends over and craft together.  

I am a 2015 graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in communication, journalism. Upon graduation, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to work for my college sorority, AOII. I am currently the Assistant Director of Communications of AOII and Editor of our internationally-circulated magazine, To Dragma. I'm a fitness enthusiast through and through. I love weightlifting, running and boxing, and I am always up for a new workout! I am also a coffee addict with a killer sweet tooth. When I'm not at work or at the gym, you can find me scoping out the latest and greatest coffee and donut spots in Nashville.  I've been part of the Her Campus team since 2012, when I joined App State's team of writers. I was the CC of my chapter my senior year, as well as a Chapter Advisor. I have remained a CA since graduating, and I love having the opportunity to stay connected to Her Campus in this role!