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6 Stages of Getting Drunk Told By Babies

We’ve all been there before:

1. The first drink

The first drink determines your whole night, do or die. That feeling when you take your first sip, or gulp where you can literally feel the alcohol running through your veins is what we live for. 

2. Buzzed

At this point, you’ve had a few drinks and your head is a little fuzzy and your vision is getting blurry. You’re probably feeling warm and cozy, too. You’re probably starting to get a little chatty minus the part where you embarrass yourself later on when you get trashed. This is usually where most people start squinting and getting smiley and giggly. 

3. Tipsy

Tipsy people can be really annoying sometimes, especially if they have awful balance. This is usually where you start word vomitting and saying whatever comes to your mind, even if it might screw you over the next day. Decisions you knew were a bad idea when you’re sober magically become okay when you have some alcohol in your system. 


This is the stage of drinking where you’re either a happy drunk or a sad drunk. Happy drunks usually buy everyone shots on shots and dance like an idiot. Sad drunks are the girls that text their ex and start crying in the middle of the bar…in front of everyone. 

5. Sloshed

Man down. This is the point where you’re completely over being drunk and you just want your cookout tray. You might also be low-key crying about how hungover you’re gonna be the next day, but you’re life will be made if you can just get that cookout tray. 

6. Hungover

“I’m never drinking again.” We’ve all said it before but we never actually mean it. Hopefully that cookout tray helped you out a little. But hungover days are the worst days, especially if you have class. Drink some pedialyte, or hella gatorade and turn on that Netflix. Just remember you’re probably going to do this all over again next weekend. 


Getting drunk is so fun, especially if you have a bangin’ group of friends. Just be safe, and get figgidy!!








Jaden is a Senior at Appalachian State as a Communication major with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. Currently, she serves as  Campus Expansion Assistant for Her Campus Nationals. She is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and serves on multiple committees of her chapter. Jaden interned with Susan G. Komen Northwest NC Summer 2016 as the Special Events Intern. She is currently a Campus Expansion Assistant and Region Leader for Her Campus Nationals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, playing with puppies, surfing pinterest for new DIY projects, and taking long naps. Her dream job is to be the next Erin Andrews and work as an ESPN Broadcaster for the NFL. 
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