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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

There is no better time than April to appreciate Earth’s beauty all around us. Not only does April bring us Earth Month, but also budding leaves, comfortable weather, and spring showers (soon- to- be May flowers). Sadly, however, Earth Month is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating the beauty around us that is Planet Earth! Giving back some of what we ask and shopping sustainably is one way to celebrate the planet we live on. It can be difficult to find sustainable brands though, especially with the left and right greenwashing used by companies to win over us Earth-lovers’ bucks. However, our writers at Her Campus at App State have some ideas of where you can start.

1. Earth Harbor

One of our favorite brands, Earth Harbor is a plant based, sustainable skincare brand founded by toxicologist and herbalist, Ali Perry-Hatch. Their goal is to make high-quality products that are earth and ocean friendly. The brand does this by offering recyclable, glass refill containers in order to be 100% plastic-free. On top of their mission to help save the planet, the collection has the cutest packaging at an affordable price. If you have always struggled with acne and sensitive skin, Earth Harbor is a game changer. My skin thrives with their products and it is refreshing to know that what I am putting on my face has clean, organic ingredients.

2. Patagonia

If you’re anything like us Boonies, you love the outdoors. Skiing, hiking, swimming, anything that has us outside and moving, I will do. With as much time as possible spent outside, I can’t help but have a love for the world that allows us to do the things I love. So when we learned about Patagonias initiative to remain a sustainable business through fair-labor factories and recycled materials, we were thrilled. Patagonia is transparent about their practices on their website, they offer information about where they source their materials, how they vet their factories and mills, and even how much carbon the company produces in a year. They offer links to nonprofits that focus on environmental  issues such as Appalachian Voices, a non-profit based in Boone, NC that advocates for the health of communities in Appalachia. For Patagonia, sustainability does not stop at production. Online, they offer a shop that allows customers to donate or purchase lightly used items. I bought one of our favorite hiking pants from this service, allowing us to do our part to stop clothing from entering landfills. Although Patagonia is not perfect, it is a step towards more sustainable living for the outdoorsy and nature-loving consumers. 

3. Atacz

Atacz, a knitwear accessories brand, was born from a deep-rooted concern for our planet’s future. With a profound understanding of the environmental crisis caused by plastic pollution, Atacz’s founder envisioned a groundbreaking solution that uses  sustainability with style. By harnessing the potential of discarded plastic bottles and infusing them with the creativity of a knitting designer background, Atacz’s mission is clear: to revolutionize the way we perceive waste and fashion, inspiring positive change through innovative design and sustainable practices. With their funky designs, they’ve become one of our favorite brands for everyday totes. From using it to carry books to class to carrying our on-campus lunch, Atacz totes are not only stylish but also make a statement about our commitment to sustainability in our daily lives.

4. Paragon fitwear

In celebrating Earth Day, we can’t forget the activewear brands that adorn our bodies during our many travels!  Among our favorites is Paragon Fitwear, renowned for its dedication to crafting activewear from recycled materials. Each product is crafted and certified skin-friendly, ensuring both style and sustainability. Their commitment to eco-consciousness extends to their innovative “Sculptseam” technology, seamlessly blending comfort with discreet booty contouring. As a wearer myself, I can attest to the smooth, luxurious feel of their fabrics — ideal for both workouts and lounging. And for summer, my go-to colors are all the  blues, particularly the soothing shade of slate, making sustainable fashion both stylish and effortless.

5. Saie beauty

With a commitment to transparency and efficacy, Saie Beauty crafts products that not only enhance your natural beauty but also nourish your skin from the inside out. From their Slip Tint Foundation to the Lip Blur, each creation is meticulously formulated by experts, incorporating potent ingredients sourced with care and consideration for both people and planet. Saie Beauty refuses to compromise on texture and performance, ensuring that clean beauty remains luxurious and indulgent. Their dedication to sustainability extends beyond ingredients to packaging and shipping, with partnerships with climate nonprofits reflecting their commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

6. pitusa

With summer just around the corner, everyone’s trying to get their hands on the hottest summer trends, and Pitusa Beachwear has exactly that. Founder, Clara Lago Rashidian, created Pitusa back in 2010 to share clothes that are both comfortable and stylish, and each piece takes inspiration from her own global travels. From ruffles to florals, and everything in between, Pitusa uses luxury fabrics like ethically sourced cotton from Peru and India, which looks just as good as it feels- and oh so buttery soft. While Pitusa offers hundreds of adorable outfits, my personal favorite has got to be the Pima PJ Set- specifically in Hot Pink. The details on the pant cuffs and pockets add just a little pop to the already bright set, and makes bed-time feel like you’re on vacay. This woman owned brand is a model for sustainable fashion, with pieces made with care and quality materials, so when you shop from Pitusa, just know it won’t be a let down.

7. Aerangis

Aerangis, a brand rooted in nostalgia and sustainability, celebrates Earth Day with fragrances that awaken cherished memories while honoring the planet. Founded by Alicia Tsai, whose childhood orchid experiences sparked the journey, Aerangis offers a range of handcrafted candles designed to evoke moments worth remembering. Our favorite scent for the summer, No. 7 Seven Miles, captures the essence of the season with its creamy jasmine and evening breeze notes. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and eco-conscious practices, Aerangis invites you to embrace the beauty of nature in every flicker of light.

8. Babe original

Babe Original is on a mission to celebrate individuality and inspire confidence through clean beauty products. Their commitment to using safe, cruelty-free ingredients and sustainable practices makes them a standout for us this summer. Whether you prefer a natural look or full glam, Babe Original welcomes everyone to embrace their unique beauty. Our favorite products? The Enriching Mascara, Essential Lash Serum, and Volumizing Brow Filler! All offer quality and performance you can trust.

Our writers at Her Campus at App State know that shopping sustainably can be daunting at first, but if you do enough research, and know what you’re looking for, it can be rewarding for yourself and our beautiful planet.

McCall Hope

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Hi y'all! My name is McCall Hope, I'm one of Her Campus at App State's Co-Campus Coordinators. Originally from Spartanburg, SC, I'm currently a Sophomore at App, double majoring in Political Science and Anthropology. In my free time, I enjoy reading, crafting, exploring art (especially fashion), and all things outdoors!
Julie Lord

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Hi! I'm Julie and I am a senior journalism major, minoring in photography at App State. I love writing, taking pictures and hanging out with my pup, Piper!
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Madison Bailey

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Madison Bailey is a national writer at Her Campus Media focusing on all things style, beauty, and lifestyle. She works closely with the style and lifestyle verticals at Her Campus, including reviews, roundups, sustainable style, and pop-culture. After graduating from Appalachian State University in May 2023 where she was Campus Coordinator of Her Campus at App State, Madison has written for Teen Vogue, Modeliste Magazine, Global Garbs, and more. Her time as Head Writer for The Collective Magazine, Appalachian State’s fashion and culture magazine, sparked her passion for the exciting world of fashion. She is currently working in marketing at Modeliste Magazine where she’s able to celebrate her favorite things; fashion, beauty, and travel. In her free time, you can find Madison soaking in all the beauty that the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer. Or, when she’s not writing, you can find her thrifting, sipping a raspberry matcha, or cooking her favorite vegan meals!