6 Blue Ridge Spots to Put on Your To-Do-List While the Weather’s Still Warm


Both scenic hikes and waterfalls alike can be found in abundance in the Blue Ridge, allowing us to make the most of the sunshine at the start of the school year! So get out there, and get to it. 


Guy Ford River Spot-

This river access area has become somewhat synonymous for students with a river day. River day trips have grown enormously popular in the last few years and can be quite busy on the weekend. There are countless spots to choose from along the river's edge. Whether you prefer finely crushed stone, beach-like spots where the river laps right up to shore or a tall rock to climb and sunbathe on like a lizard, there’s a spot for you at Guy Ford. 


Trash Can/ Laurel Falls-

Not sure who coined the falls name as "trash can," since it is neither dirty, nor shaped like a trash can, but this waterfall is a must-see when in Boone. For the thrill-seekers, there's a jump (height is relative, people) from the waterfall into the swimming hole below the first shelf of the waterfall. Those who want to watch their friends make the leap will have space to do so on the surrounding rocks where others can be seen laying out their towels and sipping a beer (if you’re 21- be smart out there gals). 


Roan Mountain-

While this scenic hike can be enjoyed year-round, I recommend visiting while the suns still sift on your skin. Although it’s outside of Boone, and about a fifty-minute drive, it’s worth your time. One of the many great things about Roan is the ability to make your hiking excursion as long, or as short, as you please. With clusters of mountaintop tree canopies, there are multitudes of cozy spots to Eno with a bestie or picnic with your boo thang. I know, you're thinking,” How could this place get any better?” Surprise! It’s also a great place to camp! Apart from a water feature, this hiking spot is an all in one with magnificent views. 


Crabtree Falls-

Go ahead, I give you permission to Goggle this one because it’s gorgeous, majestic, and wonderfully massive. Only downside: you can’t swim in it. Get your sad “aw’s” out while you can, because once you get there, you won’t be disappointed. The hike is relatively short, and nothing at all too strenuous for a day trip. For those who love to snap a pic, this waterfall photographs beautifully! Even though you can’t swim in this one, you can get pretty darn close to it. In fact, practically under it. So go close your eyes and let the mist fall on your face. 


Elk River Falls-

Now back to another swimming hole. This one is great for those who really like to brave the mountain water. Stay and sit a while on the rocks and take a dive into the spacious pool surrounding the falls! This pretty baby is another that requires a trip outside of Boone, but not too far for Sunday adventure. 


Cascade Falls- 

Last, but certainly not least, is another notorious spot among Boonies. These falls include what is arguably the most advanced hike to get to the swimming area, with steep inclines that make for a treacherous journey after rainy days. However, the spot is loads of fun and harbors another opportunity for brave souls to take a leap from the rocks. I can’t encourage this jump as vivaciously since it appears less safe than the jump at Trash Can falls, but I’ve seen people do it before and others will do it again. Maybe it’ll be you I see making the leap on my next visit? 


Did I miss any of your favorite spots?