5 Ways to Prepare for Exams

It is almost finals week, A.K.A. one of the most important weeks of the semester. To get you through the tough times, here are five tips to help you get through finals week without a breakdown:

1. Make a Schedule

There is so much to do in the last few weeks of the semester, the last thing you want to do is forget to do an assignment or accidentally not go to an exam. So the first thing you need to do when preparing for exam week is make a schedule. Don’t just make a plan in your head - write it down. It can be a spreadsheet or a page in a planner. If you don’t have a schedule, you might forget something important.

2. Set Goals It's important to slow down instead of plowing through everything. Set realistic goals for yourself each day for what to get done. A plan can make your workload seem more doable by breaking things up into manageable tasks.

3. Don’t Give Up

It's so easy to get overwhelmed and give up, but this is the last thing you need to do. Think about it this way, getting a little work done is a lot better than having a breakdown and getting no work done. The fact that you have made it to college shows that you can handle anything that comes your way.

4. Sleep

Your mind remembers things best after eight or more hours of sleep. If you only sleep three or four hours, you won’t remember things as well. Your body does 90% of it’s information storage and memory formation in the last two hours of an eight hour sleep night.

5. Don’t Worry

When it comes down to it, exams are going to happen, and you're going to get through. Try not to worry too much. Just take a deep breath and power through. 

Good luck on your exams, and may the curve be ever in your favor!