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5 Types of People Who Snapchat

1.The people who Snapchat, but there is no other communication involved.

These are the people that you Snapchat and continuously hold a conversation with through 10-second pictures. It feels harmless to have a conversation with someone on Snapchat because the person you are chatting cannot go back and re-read the conversation. It is the kind of conversation that you can actually show the person your expression (through a selfie). With the 31-character limit on a Snapchat, you can say what you want to say without many words and add a picture to help! But beware, a Snapchat conversation does not count as a real-life valid conversation that you can go back and refer to, it does not work like that.

2.The people who use Snapchat as a status update.

These are the type of people that usually snap their surroundings and add a caption of where they are to update everybody in their Snapchat contact list. With nearly 4 million snaps sent a day around the world, people love to share what they are doing all the time by taking a picture. Although you may not care where they are or what they are doing at the time, they feel as if you must know at all times. Wondering where that person is? Just check their Snapchat story.

3.The people who will send the ugliest Snapchats out because it is Snapchat.

People can go a little crazy on Snapchat sometimes. When people know that someone can only see a picture for 10 seconds or less, they do not care what the picture may be. These are the people that will send the not-so-cute selfie. 5% of selfies that are on the internet are screenshots from Snapchat.  Sometimes an offensive picture may pop up. It seems that when it comes to Snapchat, everything is off limits. However, people tend to forget about screenshots.

4.The people who continuously Snapchat you, but you never Snapchat back.

You know that annoying person that sends you tons of Snapchats a day, but you never Snapchat back? Yeah, they are probably in your top friends. It is one of those situations where you have to open the Snap to get rid of the annoying notification but you are really over looking at their pointless pictures. However, for some reason they feel that you still care and will keep on sending Snaps until the delete button is clicked.

5.The person who only adds Snaps to their story.

Everybody adds pictures to their Snapchat story, everybody does it. However, these people are the people to add every aspect of their day to their story and by the end of the day have a 100-second Snapchat story. You could honestly care less about their story and just look at it to get rid of the purple notification. Usually these are they people who Snapchat brag, even when there is nothing to brag about. Also, these are the type of people who look and see who actually looked at their story to see who cares or not. Be careful, this person may get offended when you ignore their story, no matter how long it is. 

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