5 Things You Didn't Know About Thanksgiving

When we think of Thanksgiving, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a table full of food, especially the turkey. And how can we forget dressing up as a pilgrim or indian throughout grade school and learning the ‘true meaning’ behind Thanksgiving. It seems like this idea that we have of Thanksgiving will never go away, but here are some fresh things about Thanksgiving we bet you didn't know!

1.     The Pilgrims enjoyed Thanksgiving more than Christmas. It’s true! The Pilgrims often compared their journey to America similar of Moses journey in the bible. They found that their journey to America was fulfilling the bible and celebrated it as a holiday!

2.     The Statue of Liberty is connected to the pilgrims. The Statue of Liberty, which was a gift from France, imposes two icons from Moses in the bible. The Pilgrims wanted to follow in Moses' footsteps. Today, the Statue of Liberty welcomes millions of immigrants to America, just as the biblical figure Moses did that the Pilgrims admired. 

3.     The first Thanksgiving was a three-day feast. Why is this still not a tradition today? Anyway, some historians found the first three day Thanksgiving celebration took place somewhere between September 21 and November 11 of 1621. Also, no desserts were served at the first Thanksgiving! Sugar was hard to get.

4.We can thank Sarah Hale for Thanksgiving. Sarah Hale was a magazine editor that endlessly campaigned to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. Her campaign lasted over five presidencies until one finally agreed. So one extra thing to be thankful for this year is a lady named Sarah!

5.Traditional Thanksgiving foods were not on the table! The pilgrims and indians did not have green bean casserole or stuffing placed on their Thanksgiving table. Seafood, pork butts, corn, and duck were what the pilgrims and indians indulged in. Think of how your Thanksgiving table could look different if it followed the traditions of the first Thanksgiving!

Over the years, it is common for traditions to change. Slow down this Thanksgiving holiday and remember to always be thankful for what you have! As always, happy holidays!