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5 Simple Reasons Why I’ll Never Get Tired Of “The Office”

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE The Office. I am one of those crazy, die-hard fans who re-watches the entire series over and over even though I know exactly how it ends. Oddly enough, that’s actually one of the many reasons why I love the show and will never get tired of it.


1. There’s comfort in knowing what’s going to happen

It’s hard to explain, but I’m someone who gets wayyy too involved in shows. So much so that it can actually stress me out and affect me… a lot more than it should. But there’s none of this stress when I’m watching The Office because I know what’s going to happen, but even so I’m still caught off guard sometimes.

2. Jim’s pranks on Dwight

The pranks Jim pulled on Dwight are still to this day shared on Facebook and laughed at by tons of people. It never gets old seeing Jim fool Dwight over and over and over again. Their frenemy relationship is my favorite.

3. Michael Scott

Okay sure he can be aggravating and offensive at times, but Michael’s personality is honestly so enjoyable to me. Every time I watch the show, I imagine having him as my boss and honestly… I don’t see how everyone at Dunder Mifflin is so grumpy all the time. They work under a fun-loving, hilarious boss. How hard could it be?


4. Following Jim and Pam’s love story

This is definitely cheesy, but this is another reason why I love the show. Watching the couple progress from best friends to a married couple with kids always makes me happy. I mainly enjoy the cute Jim moments because frankly Pam gets on my nerves… but they’re still cute.

5. The Office family

The way every character’s personalities mesh together to create the Dunder Mifflin family is yet another reason why this show will always be my all-time favorite. From Creed with his crazy nonsense to Angela with her prude behaviors, they all come together. They may bicker from time to time, but what family doesn’t?


There’s so many more reasons I could continue listing, but as I’m re-watching the show now these are the top ones that came to mind. If you haven’t watched it yet, crawl out from under your rock and check it out!!

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