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5 Internet Mental Health Resources to Help Get You Through the Week

It’s been a tough year. And now, with a crucial election, COVID anxiety, end-of-semester stress, and, for some, seasonal depression are all taking effect at once. It is very important to take the time for self-care right now. Here are 5 great websites you can access on your computer or smartphone that can enable you to better manage your mental health.

Psychology Today

When it comes to mental health, this site is an excellent place to start. Psychology Today has a search engine that can help you find a therapist near you. It contains countless great articles on psychology and wellbeing and even has quizzes that can give you more insight into your mental health. 

7 Cups

7 Cups offers free 24/7 chat with trained volunteer listeners who will let you vent about whatever is on your mind. If you need a safe space to share your troubles with a kind, supportive person to sympathize with you, this site is the right place. They also have affordable online therapy services for $150 per month. 

Self-Care Day

We could all use a self-care day right now, and this website is full of great information and inspiration for your “me time.” Self-Care Day explores a variety of wellness categories and fun activities to lift your spirits, soothe your mind, and take care of your body. 

Good News from HuffPost

Enough with the doom scrolling! Hard as it may be, we need to better balance staying informed on current events and doing what is best for our mental wellbeing. Take a break from constantly refreshing your feed and check out these exclusively positive stories from HuffPost. 


HelpGuide is a non-profit organization focused on self-improvement, wellness, and mental health. They not only offer seemingly endless information on mental and physical health, but they also have resources specifically suited for coping during COVID-19 and audio meditations. 

I have linked below all of the websites I have cited above so that you can access them easily. I hope that these have helped you in dealing with Covid-time stress, good luck!


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