3 Cheap Fall Date Ideas in Boone

Let’s be honest, some of us college students are about as broke as can be. That’s just a fact of life. However, if we do a little bit of exploring, we can find ways to have a great time alongside our romantic partners and/or friends this upcoming fall season. Here are a few fun (and, thankfully, super cheap) ideas for autumnal dates in Boone and beyond! 


-Attend a festival!


Festivals are plentiful this time of year, especially in the High Country. Just about every weekend this fall there will be some sort of corn maze, pumpkin patch, or another fun event in or around Boone, and the best part is that admission is usually dirt cheap. The Ashe County Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival may seem a little cheesy and childish, but, to be entirely honest, I would jump at the chance to escape college life and spend a solid afternoon off campus playing in the cornfield. Even though that sounds a little Stephen King. 


-Have a fall movie marathon!


I don’t know about y’all, but one of my favorite activities for when the weather turns chilly is snuggling up with a lovely person to marathon some movies! I often go for academia-themed films that get me in that college spirit, such as the Harry Potter series, The Breakfast Club, or Dead Poets Society. Perhaps you’re more of a sports person, in which case a football movie like Rudy might be more your style. Finally, you cannot go wrong with a good spooky classic. I don’t know of a single person who doesn’t like Hocus Pocus. Sarah Jessica Parker just gets to me; what can I say? 


-Appreciate some foliage!


Most of us here at Appalachian State are pretty familiar with the Blue Ridge Parkway, but did you know that October 10-20 is the absolute peak period for fall foliage in the High Country? Pack a picnic blanket, some snacks (perhaps from the dining hall), and a group of your closest pals and head up to the Parkway for an evening to enjoy the myriad autumnal colors heralding the season. 


In addition, be sure to check campus resources such as AppSync to get news about club meetings, campus-wide events, and free food this season. As those painted signs in antique stores often say: “Happy Fall, Y’all!”