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10 Signs you’re Over This Semester

With break quickly approaching, many of us can’t count down the days fast enough. The mid-semester slump was pretty rough, but the last few weeks of classes are the worst. Here are 10 signs December can’t get here fast enough!

1. Your teachers are mentioning final exams/projects.

Those professors that tell you not to procrastinate on major assignments were probably right, but there’s no way you’ll ever admit that.

2. You’ve started to sacrifice sleep for studying.


With the lingering finals week coming up sooner than you thought, you’ve accepted your fate of pulling all-nighters and the all too real caffeine addiction you’re about to have.

3. What even is a social life anymore?

Friends? Do they even still exist? Oh, that’s right. Everyone you know is buckling down to prepare for what feels like the schoolwork apocalypse. Don’t be offended if all your friends disappear, some of them are probably just hiding from all responsibilities.

4. You’ll do anything for extra credit.

You may find yourself rushing to get to that unusual art exhibit you’d never willingly go to, unless of course a few bonus points to your final grade are offered. Professors have the upper hand when it comes to extra credit, and they almost always pick really bizarre assignments to do.

5. Your mom’s anxiety level is through the roof because you won’t call her back.

Sorry mom, I love you sincerely, but this mountain of textbooks that I’ll be forcing myself to memorize takes priority right now. A care package wouldn’t hurt at a time like this!

6. You do your best not to skip class anymore.

During the beginning of the semester I don’t usually feel that bad about missing a class or two, but towards the end of the term I can feel it weighing on my conscience when I think I can take a personal day. What if I miss an extra credit opportunity?! I can’t even think about a nightmare like that.

7. You forgot what it was like to put effort in to your appearance.

I know the leggings and t-shirt combo is a great go to outfit when you’re in a rush or just dressing for comfort, but towards the end of the semester I literally don’t wear jeans for weeks. The amount of leggings I’ve accumulated has led to this very moment and I will wear them proudly.

8. You calculate the lowest grade you can make on a final without failing the class.

Always, always, always do this before finals week! That way you know exactly how much effort you have to put in to get the grade you really want.

9. Your senior friends are talking about their post-graduation plans.

This is the most heartbreaking sign the semester is coming to a close! Seniors, don’t leave us just yet. We’re not ready to do college without you.

10. You’re ready to tackle spring semester so it can just be summer again.

As much as I love college, I really miss the summer time and I can’t wait for the low-stress vibe that comes with it!






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