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10 Drool Worthy Back-to-School Supplies

Okay, so it’s that time of year again. You’ve just ended a fabulous summer with great memories and while you’re stoked to be back in Boone, you’re not so excited to be starting classes again. Ugh.  While I think we can all agree that the stress of class isn’t ideal, maybe some of these near perfect school supplies can help alleviate the pain. 

1. Kate Spade Stapler

Could a stapler be any cuter?! I don’t know about you, but if I had this little baby on my desk I would be so much more motivated to finish every grueling assignment… Right? 




2. Lilly Pullitzer Agenda 

Not only are these agendas vibrant and fun, they’re also very practical (and fairly reasonably priced!) The daily planners begin in August 2014 and stretch to December 2015 and the bold, bright prints are sure to make gloomy homework days a bit more fun.  



3. Banderole Pencil Set

I wouldn’t mind writing a ten page paper by hand if I had these stylish pencils. Okay, okay maybe that’s a little extreme but c’mon… These pencils are adorable. You can find ‘em at Anthropologie for only $12 – get them while you can!



4. Vineyard Vines Neon ColorBlock Backpack 

What’s the perfect thing to carry all of your new back-to-school goodies in? This pink, green and blue neon backpack from Vineyard Vines! If you’re on a budget like I am, it may seem a little on the expensive side, but with the good storage space, laptop sleeve and places for water bottles/cups it is definitely worth a splurge. 



5. Baby Cat Index Sticky Notes 

Okay, I’m not even really a cat fan. But these are SO cute. Imagine marking the periodic table or the odd answer problems in the back of your stats book or even really anything with these precious kitten faces. Let’s be honest, nothing says studious like cat sticky notes. 



6. Neon Cosmetic Case/ Zipper Pouch 

As a lover of everything bright, this gray and neon cosmetic case that doubles as a zipper pouch is a must – it even matches the neon backpack! It’s a handmade, made to order item from a store called AlmquistDesignStudio on Etsy. It’s a easy, practical and cute way to stay organized.  



7. Printed File Folders 

Speaking of organization, printed file folders are a great, simple way to liven up the essentials. Some of the most durable and stylish ones I have found are at Target, but you can also find them at Walmart, Office Depot or any other standard office supplies store. Pictured below are some fabulous ones from Kate Spade. Yes, I do have an obsession.  

8. The Great Gatsby Spiral Notebook

Whether you’re taking pages of notes for that boring History class, planning your next club meeting or working out strenuous math problems it’s certain that you’re going to need a spiral notebook. What better way to study than by doing so while channelling your inner Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby? 


9. Gem Eraser Set

Mistakes won’t seem so bad with these gems… Pun totally intended.  

10. Monogram Pocket Notepad

And last, but certainly not least, this adorable monogrammed pocket notepad. Perfect for notes on the go – you’ll never forget another assignment or grocery list again! 


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