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Why I Love Airports

When most people think of airports, they may think of stress, anxiety, and the unending security lines. All of these feeling are valid, but when I think of airports and even the security lines, I find myself getting giddy with excitement and anticipation. I LOVE AIRPORTS, and I’m not afraid to admit it. In this article, I will state my case, and of course, with gifs!


  1. At airports, you can find people from nearly all walks of life, gathering in one place to set off on different paths and adventures.
  1. You have the opportunity to meet new people, but without the pressure of interacting. For example, you could end up talking to the person seated next to you for the entire flight but you could also sit in un-awkward silence either reading, sleeping, listening to music, etc.
  1. You could definitely meet THE ONE, fulfilling your film-inspired dream of finding romance at the airport. My swim coach and his wife met in the airport and they are now happily married while still traveling the world as they were when they met! #goals
  1. Flying makes me feel mature, especially when I fly alone. While I am only 18, I’ve actually spoken to people at the airport who believe I am much older! There’s a certain glamour and maturity associated with flying solo, I guess? But I’ll take it!


  1. When I get to the airport, I know I’m going on an adventure, no matter how adventurous this trip is actually going to be.
  1. No matter where you’re going, you are getting there through the air! Flying in our day and age is not so revolutionary or out-of-this-world, but I am constantly amazed at human innovation every time I step onto the plane and watch it take off, launching me into the sky.

Some people may say I’m romanticizing flying and airports, and they might how could I find glamour in breathing partially recycled air? Regardless of all these things, I think I like the fact that you can be alone, but at the same time, so connected to the world through people and inventions that revolutionized traveling and humans’ connectedness to one another, even on the other side of the globe.

Dorit is a sophomore on the swim team at Amherst College from Maryland . Although she is currently undecided, she is a prospective LJST, Computer Science, or Environmental Studies major, or some combination of those three! During her free time Dorit enjoys hanging out with friends and getting a good laugh, doing DIY projects, reading Sophie Kinsella, and spending time outdoors, especially by the water. She has a guinea pig named Potato who is often also her muse.
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