Valentine's Day Special: Campus Celebrity Couple Jia Liang and Jacob Pfau

The cutest couple on the Freshman quad—Jia Liang and Jacob Pfau! This week's Campus Celebrity couple talk about how they met, the joys of living in separate dorms and how the brave the awkwardness of their friends gushing over their cuteness. (As the interviewer, I can firmly say that these two are very, very cute together!)


Let's start off with an easy question—what year are you both?

Jia: We are both first years.

Jacob: Class of 2017!


How long have you been together?

Jia: Since December—so about two and a half months.


First met?


Jacob: Math book club! Our mutual told me that Williston was filled with wonderful people and I decided to visit. [He smiles at Jia]


Do you live in the same dorm?

Jia and Jacob: Nope!


Jia: I live in Williston.

Jacob: I live in Appleton...some of the time


What would you say are the joys and challenges of living in different dorms?

Jacob: I like living in different dorms because...well, it's really close by, so it's not that big of a deal. But I probably wouldn't have gotten to know many of the Appleton residents if I lived in Williston.

Jia: We both get to have our personal space when we want to. We are not forced to see each other by living in the same dorm. We get our personal space but when we want to we get to see each other very easily.


First date?

Jia: Dinner

Jacob: Some food...

Jia: Oh, it was in town.

Jacob: The Italian place—Pasta E Basta


Dream date?

Jia: I have no idea...I've never considered this one! To me it really doesn't matter, as long as you are spending time together. Not sitting together and not talking but interacting and enjoying yourself. It could be anything, dinner or taking a walk outside—getting to know each other is what matters most.

Jacob: Those no definite best thing. Just doing things together. Things I like, things she likes, things we both like. We read together, we are reading a book together now.


Literally reading a book together or reading two books?

Jia: No literally reading a book together!


Favorite things about each other?

Jacob: That's a tough one...there's so many things. Jia's really nice. She takes care of everyone, gives them food, keeps them alive. Always says Good morning. We have a lot of things in common too. We both like to do math, I probably like it a lot more. [They laugh]

Jia: He respects me as a person. If there is something I don't like or something I am not comfortable with, you are incredibly understanding of that. He’s also incredibly sweet! He introduced me to many of the things he enjoys too. Before coming college I didn't watch anime.

Jacob: She also doesn't watch many movies...

Jia: Okay! He introduced me to a lot of animes and movies, many things I haven't seen but now we can watch together.


Funniest moment?

Jacob: There are moments where we are sitting on the couch and people do funny things. They will try to pretend not to see us or cover their eyes with their reading material to give us privacy.

Jia: Sometimes people will walk in and then walk out or make it insanely awkward by refusing to sit next to us.


Your relationship blew up in Williston and it never died down, how do you both deal with that?

Jia: You get used to it. At first you think, “No! What are you doing? Stahp!” But after awhile you get used to it. At first, it was just me getting the teasing. They tried to tone it down in front of Jacob.

Jacob: Oh yes, that's when I didn't know the Willistonians very well.

Jia: That soon changed! Most people are much better about it but there are still one or two people who continue to hang on to that awkwardness.


An unknown/least expected fact?

Jia: We are secret agents! Don't publish that [Whoops!]

Jacob: I have one: We've actually spent time together in Appleton.

Jia: Yes, I've actually been to Appleton!

(Jacob can usually be found with in the walls of Williston, hence why this is quite a great revelation!)


Valentine's Day plans?

Jia: As of yet...

Jacob: You want to try ice skating?

Jia: Yes! That would be really cool.

Jacob: Now we do!