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Things to Do at Amherst for Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Amherst chapter.

It’s finally spring break. You might have some work to catch up, but you can make time for yourself to get out of the stressful campus bubble and let yourself relax. 

Student Affairs has some events programmed for the break, so you can check those out! But here are some more options for you to consider: 

  1. Go on the tour in the Emily Dickinson Museum
  2. Visit the Smith College Museum of Art  
  3. Spend an hour or two in the Mead Museum
  4. While you’re at it, head on down to Beneski. If you haven’t been there before, Beneski maintains a neat collection of dinosaur footprints, fossils, and one of the oldest tables on campus. 
  5. Find someway to wheel yourself down to Northampton on the Bike Path, if weather permits, whether it’s by bike, rollerblades, skateboard, or Hoverboard? 
  6. If you don’t mind the cold, medidate in the Japanese Garden by Webster Hall, which is by Memorial Hill 
  7. Shop at Big Y, Stop and Shop, or Aldi to grab some groceries on sale and test what recipes/concoctions you can make from this semi-random selection 
  8. Spend some time in Archives and ask to touch Emily Dickinson’s hair 
  9. Decorate your common room (Ask your RC for permission first?) 
  10. Shadow a professional in town 
  11. Catch up on sleep (Try new sleeping positions?) 
  12. Buy some cheap supplies from Target or Michaels to crochet, knit, cross stitch, patchwork, quilt….
  13. Start scrapbooking!! 
  14. Do a weeklong exercise challenge/Try out pilates, yoga, Zumba, Barre
  15. Visit the swing by Plimpton House 
  16. Make a Spring Break playlist and invite your friends to collaborate 
  17. Play the music and have an underwear party in your room….by yourself. 
  18. Buy an ice cream cake to treat yourself for a half-a-semester well done.
  19. Catch up on all the work you should have gotten done like my paper that’s due three weeks ago.
  20. Hit me up on Tinder/Coffee Meets Bagel/Amherst Crushes/Amherst Last Chances/AC Box


Bonnie is a sophomore at Amherst College. Even though she studies statistics, she is interested in technology, pediatric medicine, dentistry, education, and public health.  She spends most of her day trying out new things, like eating an ice cream cone while biking or looking for ways to climb onto campus building roofs. "All over the place" would be the best way to describe her.