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The Ten Commandments Animated Film (2009): My Notes

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  First off, I am so glad to be adding new content again! I will be starting back doing this consistently, so keep checking in every weekend! I also will be doing giveaways and maybe even live videos, so leave suggestions below! Now back to the topic at hand…      Last night, I took the Sabbath (7th day of the week, rest day, God rested on 7th day) and did what I was supposed to do: rest.  In my resting, I listened to some Christian music while tidying up a bit, and then I searched YouTube for Christian shows.  I wasn’t expecting to find a good variety, but I forgot that there were tons of movies and animated films to choose from.  So I clicked on a Christian Shows playlist; the first show was The Ten Commandments (2009) animated film, which is shown below, and below the video are my notes that I took away from the movie that left me feeling refreshed, grateful, and extremely blessed. I am so happy I decided to watch a Christian-based movie for the Sabbath (thank God), though I suppose Christian isn’t quite accurate since Christ wasn’t in the picture yet, BUT you know what I’m trying to say.  It’s based on the Holy Bible, God-based, spiritual.

1. We are insatiable and ungrateful creatures.

      God gives us signs, we ignore them.  God gives us water to drink (in the film the people were whining about being thirsty), and then once that’s satisfied, we focus on other things that are bothering us, like hunger. God gives us food, we want a certain type (i.e. (in the film) The people asked for food because they were starving, and God provided manna bread.  Eventually, they complained about that and asked for meat.) Once our basic needs have been met (water, food, shelter), we began to seek out more and more things to the point where we no longer “need” the things we ask for, but we have become so spoiled that we have deceived ourselves to believe that any consistent and nagging urge within ourselves is a “need” rather than a want, causing us to never be satisfied with what we have and always aiming for more.

2. Many of us enjoy slavery under certain conditions. 

      Either it’s a good pay or “better” conditions than the current circumstances, we are often willing to be enslaved.  Take the enslaved people in the film for instance.  Once God brought them [enslaved] out of Egypt, and they began to follow Moses after he proved God’s power, they became thirsty and hungry.  Instead of turning to God, they started complaining and began talk of going back to Egypt because “at least” the Egyptians fed them.  These people were willing to go back to the terrible conditions of slavery because they were at least fed.  How many times do we become “enslaved” to people, things, and authorities because our desires are being satisfied, instead of simply going to God?  This shocked me because so many of us are like this today, and it’s not that God doesn’t want the best for us.  We are simply too “blind” to see that the things we desire and go after are not meant for us, and that, often times, depriving ourselves of the flesh and what it desires, allows us to bond with our spirit.  Maybe we cannot hear God’s voice because we aren’t connected to the right hotline.

3. If we can’t see it, we don’t want to believe it. 

     This is a huge problem since we are to “walk by faith, and not by sight” as Christians.  What this means is that we know what God has done for us in the past, and if we know He has not let us down yet, we should focus on His Word, even when we face a problem that we ourselves do not see a way out of.  For instance, when the enslaved people (now Free of Egypt) were being pursued and had reached the Red Sea, they felt they were trapped, despite what they knew God had done for them through Moses.  Moses, instead of panicking, decided to consult God and see what to do.  Long story short, the pursuers (on horseback) raced across the path made by Moses and his staff  or rod(SEE SCRIPTURES AND FILM), and when they came to the end of the path the Red Sea closed in and swallowed them up.  So many times throughout the film, no matter how many times God proved himself, people still doubted.  So much so that when Moses left to go up to a mountain to talk to God, people predicted he would die and never come back, though he said he would.  So, the little, bossy man (in the film) convinced the people to build a “god” out of gold and jewelry, one that they could see, praise, and worship.  Even when Moses came back, some people doubted what he told them God told him and continued to hang on to the statue that they made.  We are often just like those people.  While Moses was gone, they got silly drunk, the women were half-dressed, and they were singing, dancing, and celebrating the statue, their idol.  When God’s wrath was unleashed and the Earth opened up, some of the people ran to the statue.  In the end, Many of those individuals were swallowed up by the fire, along with the statue and those clinging to it.      This also showed me that some people simply won’t believe no matter what you do, say, or prove to them, and they will convince others as well.  However, God will keep his promises, for he cannot lie.  He will judge evil and right on (HIS) time, for He is a God of justice.  And thus, when His wrath is finally unleashed after His patience with un-repenting wickedness has run out, we have no one to blame but ourselves because WE made our choices.

4. Idol Worship

     Because we can physically see, touch, and feel material objects, we are willing to put more trust in them, rather than try and entertain the idea that there is a God that exists but that we cannot see.  We waste so much time, be it with our phones, stalking celebrities, gossiping, etc. versus giving equal or more than quality time to God (for Christians) and testing the idea of God (for non-believers).  And in the end, just like those people in the film with the “god” made out of gold, our idols cannot and will not save us in the end.

5. Forget What People Say! 

      If Moses had listened to the naysayers (and it was A LOT of them) in spite of the fact that he knew who God was for himself, he would have missed out on all God had in store for him, including his reward of seeing the New World (heaven).  He would have lost his status as servant of God, and never seen God face-to-face.  In the film, one man told Moses, “God speaks to us too, Moses, and…” But then “God” spoke to the man saying (slight paraphrase), “I speak to all of my children, but only my servants face-to-face.”  Moses had such an incredible journey getting to know God, and it wasn’t easy.  Times weren’t always peaches and cream, and as Christians, we have to remember that.  God promised that a weapon formed against us shall not prosper, not that it would not be formed.  Thus, we must keep this in mind whenever we find ourselves faced with hard times and PRAY! Which brings me to my next note…

6. Save the Drama for ya mama and PRAY!

     Throughout the film, people complained so much that I found myself rolling my eyes at the screen and saying “Oh My Gosh, shut up!” and “Just be patient.” or “They are so dang ungrateful.”  But I thought:  “Is this what I sound like to God?” Not once did the freed people pray to God and thank God for themselves, but Moses prayed that God gave him strength to handle them, AND he prayed for the people, that they received food when they were hungry, water when they were thirsty, meat when they wanted meat, and to get them [the people] out of trouble.  Moses complained once about the people and to God, but he then prayed for them.  When was the last time someone got on your last nerve, and for us believers, our very last nerve (that last spiritual nerve), and you prayed for them??? I know I’m guilty of not doing this one.  But I have asked for forgiveness and will do better.


What do you think after reading this?Comment and ask questions below! Also, Click here to view full movie on YouTube! Happy (Belated) Sabbath!

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