Spring Formal Hairstyles (for all hair types)

Spring Formal is tomorrow and you may be struggling on how to prepare in such little time.  One of the most difficult decisions can be how to style your hair.  Here are few ideas depending on your needs.


Short straight hair

For short hair, half up-half down styles get to show the length of your hair but give you a little extra flair. You also don't have to worry about hairs flying out at the bottom like with a full updo.

Medium/long straight hair

Long hair is fun until it gets hot and sticks to your neck while dancing. Pinning your hair up both looks classy and is pratical for struting your stuff!


Thin Hair

Adding curls to your hair is a great way of giving it body.  Even if you have straight hair, if you use a curling iron and some hair spray it can keep your hair fluffed for the two hours of formal.

Naturally Curly/Kinky Hair

Longer hair

This styles are protective and stylish.  I included two styles, one for those with longer hair and one for those with shorter hair.


Just because you are already rocking a braided do doesn't mean you can't be even more dazzling! Try any updo with box braids. Here's just an example of what you can do.

Short Cuts

Don't forget the power of headbands! There are a great way to transform hairstyles that can often stand alone like pixie cuts!



I hope these cute styles gave you some inspiration!  However you decide to style your hair, remember, it is just hair!  Go out and fun at the Mead from 9pm to 11pm.