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           With just three episodes left this season—yes, Kerry Washington is pregnant and the season has been shortened—there are sure to be many more gasps, moments of surprise, and revelations before Scandal goes on hiatus.  So far, each season has brought with it a strand of new plot twists and surprises that many of us, or maybe just I, do not see coming, and the third season is no exception.  Between James’s death, or rather, cold-blooded murder by none other than Jake Ballard, Sally’s assassination of her husband, Olivia’s mother’s return as a terrorist, and Mellie’s affair, just to name a few, there is no accurate guess of what will happen next.  My advice to you: brace yourself, for I think some even crazier shockers are coming your way.

            The most recent revelation came in the last episode where we learn of Mellie’s affair with Andrew, Fitz’s running mate.  We also witness a super intense moment between Mellie and Fitz, where Fitz practically blames Mellie for his affair with Olivia and for “killing” their marriage.  I am not usually a fan of Mellie, but I have to admit, this episode really makes you feel for her.  In an earlier episode we saw that Fitz’s father had raped Mellie, and so, the paternity of Mellie and Fitz’s son is questionable.  Oddly enough, Mellie’s horrific incident did not receive much more attention in later episodes.  Now, as Fitz yells at Mellie for ruining their marriage, we wait for Mellie to just shout out the reason for her distance from Fitz.  Come on, Mellie, just spit it out already.  But, Mellie never confesses.  Maybe Mellie was prohibited from speaking her peace because Olivia barged into the room, or maybe she is too scared to tell Fitz of the rape incident, but whatever her reason for not confessing may be, I feel for Mellie, because even with all that she has gone through, she still stands as a supporting First Lady and deals with all of Fitz’s nonsense.  Mellie deserves more credit—she really keeps it together.  I just hope that she will finally come clean to Fitz, but something tells me that this is not in the cards, especially when there are so many other scandalous matters in development.

            Olivia’s mother, Maya, is up to no good and most definitely has an operation brewing.  At the end of the last episode, Adnan, who appears to be working with/for Maya, drugs Harrison and steals Fitz’s campaign trail/security details off of Olivia’s computer.  Let us not forget that Jake knows that Adnan stole this information from Olivia.  Will he tell Olivia, or will he deal with the situation on his own, thinking he has Olivia’s best interest in mind?  The promos for this coming Thursday show Maya seductively lying on a bed.  What does Maya have planned and what will she do with the information stolen off of Olivia’s computer?  I have a feeling that this is a big question that will be probed on Thursday.  Maya has been back since Scandal returned this year, but besides fooling Olivia and calling her the “help,” Maya’s true plans have been concealed.  Since there are only three episodes left, Shonda Rhimes must have something epic planned.  What do you think Maya will do?

            Although not as prominent, the relationship between Huck and Quinn received more attention last episode as Quinn’s creepy boyfriend, Charlie, incessantly questioned Quinn on what happened when Huck last visited her.  Charlie clearly knows something is a bit fishy, and decides to move into Quinn’s apartment.  Talk about irony.  This happens while Huck and Quinn are in the middle of a little make out session.  Charlie, I guess you should be concerned then.  Will Charlie’s more prominent presence in Quinn’s life put a halt to Huck’s and Quinn’s little rendezvous, or will they continue to stealthily meet-up?

            Lastly, we must never forget that poor James Novak was murdered merely two episodes ago.  Cyrus knows Jake is the murderer, as evident when he attempts to attack James in Fitz’s office.  Go Cyrus!  Was anyone else sickened by Jake’s smirk?  I am not going to lie, I used to like the idea that maybe Olivia and Jake would be an item, but ever since he became Commander of B613, Jake has become annoying and is even disobeying the President’s orders.  Something tells me that that the identity of James’s killer will be leaked, and Olivia will know that Jake is the culprit.  James was Olivia’s friend, so I am sure that she will no longer be a fan of Jake once she finds out what he has done.  Olivia is obsessed with taking down B613, even against the warning of Huck and her father, the former Commander of the organization, so will she be successful in her endeavor, especially with the murderous Jake in charge?

            Be sure to watch how the different storylines play out in the last three episodes!  There will definitely be some bombshells coming your way.

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