Review of ColourPop!

A few days ago, I came into a friend’s room and saw her watching the third presidential debate. I walked in again twenty minutes later and found her watching a makeup tutorial. Moral of the story: sometimes makeup is the only escape from sad, sad, reality.

And now, from that weird intro, let’s segway to…Colourpop!


If you don’t know Colourpop, go to, start browsing, and fall down a vivid, cheap, great quality rabbit hole.

I recently bought three items: Highlighter in Wisp ($8), Ultra Matte Lip in Mars ($6), and the Lippie Pencil in Clique ($5). When I joined their subscribing list, I received a one-time $5 off coupon code, so my purchase, the $4.99 shipping included, was $18.99. My package came with a booklet listing their products and application tips, and also a hand-written and hand-drawn note, which I was very impressed with. I only spent $18.99, not like $100. Although if I had spent $100, would Colourpop have written a sonnet to me?

Here’s a swatch with Mars (top), Clique (middle), and Wisp (bottom). Mars dried in around two minutes.


And here is me wearing all three. The highlighter isn’t obvious in the picture, but I can tell I’m wearing highlighter when I look in the mirror. By the way, the highlighter formula—and I’m guessing this is true for the eye shadows and blushes as well—is so freaking cool. It feels a bit like pushing your finger into a bowl of soft but firm Jell-O. You’ll have to experience this yourself. Both fingers and brushes work well for application.


I’m wearing the Lippie Pencil under the Ultra Matte Lip, both of which, I’m happy to report, lasted through dinner, and apple, tea, and fries. And it’s not uncomfortable or tight on my lips, nor does it crack on my lips, as I’ve heard other less awesome liquid lipsticks can do. This is my first time trying out a liquid lipstick, so I’m very happy. Also, the Lippie Stick is matte as well.

Bottom line—do I recommend Colourpop? Yes.


*Disclaimer: I bought all of this with my hard-earned money. Colourpop is welcome to bribe me if they’d like, but they haven’t yet.