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Northampton, MA

October 27, 2018


SACSA Hosts Natural Hair Care Fair

     SACSA is calling all folks with curly, kinky, afro-textured hair to participate in this dialogue on natural hair care and the stigma surrounding “black hair” in our society.  The Natural Hair Care Fair will help students and community members build and improving their understanding of  ethnic hair care regimens by providing access access and tools to practice these skills. Our event will include different activities that will educate and enlighten those about natural hair.


“As the Natural Hair Movement is currently going on in Social Media, we wanted to bring this to campus,” said Smith College sophomore Ro Antoine. Antoine along with ten members of SACSA formed a Natural Hair Committee within SACSA to plan this event. The group has also collaborated with Smith’s Botanic Garden and received sponsorship from Curls LLC.


The Hair Care Fair will be organized as a rotating skillshare Festival. Some of the events on the schedule including shampoo making, braiding tutorials, step-by-step moisturizing routines, and many more. The first 90 participants will also receive a goodie bag complete with 12 fl.oz bottle of Curl’s curling jelly and other styling creams.

Through this Natural Hair Care Fair, SACSA hopes to engage Smith and the wider community in a dialogue reconstructing societal definitions of beauty and transforming it into a festival of uniqueness.


“We hope to empower people  of color to embrace their natural hair by promoting change in the way they look and feel about themselves, and to just overall create a space where everyone can collectively gather and share their thoughts about what it means to be natural, and understand the importance of appreciating one’s roots,” Antoine said.


SACSA plans to make the “Natural Hair Care Fair” a recurrent SACSA event at Smith. This Natural Hair Care Fair is part of a larger campus initiative to shine a light on the diversity of hair and the limitless hairstyles and regimes that can be beneficial and stylish for one’s hair.


This event is open to all.


Tickets were $3 for Smith and Five College Students and $5 for the general public. For more information on ticketing and the next event, contact sacsa@smith.edu.

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