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Juliana’s Spring Picks!

       One thing I love about Amherst students is our excitement for that first day of above warm weather. Because like 49 degrees and generally cloudy is the same as 65 and sunny, right? This slight increase in the temperature makes it easy to get super excited for spring outfits. In fact, some of us may get swept away by this spring’s fashion penchant for boldness—bright colors, eccentric patterns— and may forget to be true to who we are. (Hint: we are Amherst students, not fashion students.) When looking to try new trends, I say stick with one or too. Being outgoing with fashion is great, but I think it is unwise to stray too far from your personal style.

        I say go for patterns.  But wear your patterns on the bottom—much more flattering.  And wear it with a solid top.  Wear a white or dark grey top. But make sure it is a tighter top, this will keep your outfit composed and classic looking.  Throw on an old pair of ballet flats or if it is a bit cooler, you can opt for booties.  And part your hair and tie it in a ponytail. Now we are talking collegiette.   

        Light washed, ripped jeans are in — very in.  I love them.  They add an extra something-something to an outfit, without saying too much.  Although my dad would argue it says, “I’m sloppy.”  I’m telling you… it does not. It says, I am cool.  (Whatever that means.)  And what about wearing ripped jeans to class?  I think it’s fine, as long as the rest of your look is appropriate and respectful. For example, pair a crisp t-shirt with the pants. This brings the look together and keeps it looking fresh.

        However, do not let ripped jeans replace the quintessential spring dress— again, tight on top and loose on the bottom.  But make sure it is not too flowy. For practical reasons, we do not want spring winds to lift the bottom. Spring dresses come in all shapes and sizes, and I think maxi dresses can be especially wonderful when styled correctly. Jean jackets look great with maxi dresses because they give your look some shape and structure.

        Oh my god… sneakers. Spring is always about the sneakers, and especially this year.  Do not ditch your ballet flats or your flipflops, but break out the sneakers.  And the sneakers this season are sick. Sneakers can do so much for your look, they can make it a little bit masculine, sporty, or edgy. Actually, floral sneakers can even make your look more feminine. And they go with everything – not just pants and shorts, but skirts and dresses.

         Finally, with spring, comes bright nail colors.  Personally, I love bright, bright pink. But then again, let’s not forget to show are colors and paint our fingers and toes… purple, of course! I like painting my nails fun colors in the spring because it allows me to be trendy without going overboard. Like I can express myself with color but I don’t have to go the whole nine yards, so let’s have fun with it!


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