I Didn't Appreciate This GirlPower Anthem Back Then

It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate the anthem. It was more so that I just did not understand the depth of the song (probably because I really only knew half the actual lyrics lol). But I was missing Old Disney, and I went on a Cheetah Girl craze. I loved the girl group when I was younger, but now, I listen to the songs, and I’m like man...that’s so deep.


Like the song GirlPower by the Cheetah Girls for instance.

Or even more hardhitting, the song Cinderella.


“I don’t wanna be like Cinderella...sitting in an [old cold?] dustry cellar, waitin’ for someboday. To Come and Set me Free...I can slay...my own dragons…. I can dree-ee-eam…my own dreams...my knight.and...shining armor...is me....SO I”M GONNA SET ME FREEEEE!!!!”


When I say, I just stood there for a minute and really let my mind marinate on the messages that I never really meditated on back in middle and high school, I am in awe. It makes me wonder how many other songs they have sung that I completely missed the deeper implications.


Needless to say, this song is definitely one of my all time fav GirlPower Anthems. What’s yours?


Edited by Paulina Cardenas