Got a Small Business You Want Promoted with Significant Results?

Born to Be Unique in Christ Consulting is founded by Yours Truly and offers a variety of marketing services*:

*The organization need not be faith-based or spiritually affiliated.

  1. Partnerships    Becoming a partner with B2BU-C Consulting is to gain direct access to their clientele list which boats over 30,000 individuals. Obviously the demands are high, and our partners get the benefit of that.  When we do not service or manufacture a particular service or product, our clients are automatically referred to our partner organizations. We currently have partnerships with brands like Pura Vida, PandPaw, and Sand Cloud. There are two options for becoming a partner:  becoming a partner without an ambassador from the organization ($100 - one-time fee with lifetime membership and promo service) and becoming a partner with an ambassador ($50- one-time fee with lifetime membership and promo service). Promo services include: event planning, social media marketing, and of course, direct clientele referral. Click the pink link in the title for more info.
  2. Advertisement and Sample Distribution .    If you have samples of a product, we can organize events and market them for you! Click the pink link to inquire for more info!
  3. Brand AmbassadorSeriously, who better to market? Our student ambassadors are familiar with all age types, ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures and have extensive strategic marketing and ambassadorship experiences. We match you to the right students; you reap the benefits. Click the pink link for more info.
  4. Writing, Content, Proofreading, and Editing ServicesDoes the thought of having to write logical, relevant, entertaining and/or traffic-inducing content without grammar errors drive you insane? What about writing amazing product descriptions or making content deadlines to keep your website active to your consumers and/or readers? Never Fear, B2BU-C is HERE to help. We also offer resume consulting services. Take this stressor away, and give us the load! Click the pink link to inquire for more info!
  5. Need to a translator for your Spanish speaking customers? Want to learn a second language?Defy expectations and break the barriers between you and your Spanish-speaking customers! Afterall, Spanish IS THE SECOND MOST SPOKEN LANGUAGE in the United States... Click the pink link to inquire for more info!

For more services or to schedule a consulting session, appointment, or marketing service, click here!

Happy entrepreneur-ing, and ¡Bendiciones!