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Campus Celebrity Nova Spiro


Nominated by one of our readers that may or not be one of the class deans (hint it is), Nova Spiro is this week’s Campus Celeb.  Already quite popular on campus, Nova talks about being a celebrity, laugh back home and how he would change the world.  Special thanks to his translator Elijah Spiro ’18


Tell me about where are you from:I come from Jasper, Texas. Life’s tough when you don’t have sweat glands…How does life at Amherst compare to life back home?:More squirrels here! Val food is pretty solid, too. I don’t know what everyone’s always complaining aboutYou are quite popular on campus, what are the good and bad about being a Campus Celebrity?:Good: My territory stretches from the town green to the soccer fieldBad: Lots of pets from smelly peopleWhat is your biggest pet peeve?:CatsWhat kind of interests do you have?:Pooping conspicuously, catching tennis balls, chasing my tail


What are you most passionate about?:Tugging my owner around when he tries to ‘leash’ meWhat are your plans for the rest of your time at Amherst and beyond?:I hope to major in Fetch and get a job as squirrel exterminatorIf you could make one change to the world, playful or serious, what would it be?:Turn everything into tennis balls. EverythingAny advice or words of gratitude to your friends out there:Remember that it’s considered good luck to buy dog treats and leave them around campus. Buddy of mine did it, and when he woke up, he was in a new Bugatti!

Carina Corbin graduated from Amherst College in 2017 and started writing for Her Campus during her first year. She was a Computer Science and Asian Languages & Civilizations double major that still loves to learn languages, write short stories, eat great food and travel. She wrote for Her Campus Amherst for four years and was Campus Correspondent for 3.5 years. She enjoyed interviewing Campus Profiles and writing content that connected with the Amherst community.
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