BeGrateful Series: Things I'm Going To Miss After Graduation

  1. Being able to complain to the admin and make changes happen without losing my scholarshipGonna miss being able to tell what I think and point out bs about the administration, the institution, the system and make changes happen without significant consequences to my academic standing or fear of my career being ruined.
  2. Complements Available at Almost Every Public Space on CampusUgh free snacks, coffee, tea, and cocoa at almost every study space and public space at the college...for sure I am going to miss this! I didn't really have to spend $ on my own snacks, only on very rare occassions.
  3. Safe RideA FREE ride service around campus provided by Amherst College after 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. only a call away...whether I don't feel safe to walk home, the weather is gnarly, have too long of a walk or am just too tired to do so (esp. pulling all nighters in the Q-Center or Frost and walking around in heels all day), Safe Ride was always there. But this wonderful luxury will be ripped from my privileges after graduation :(
  4. Walkable Distance of Almost EverythingBeing able to be reasonably (and stylishly) late or just roll out of bed 5-15 minutes before work or class and still get your morning beverage while looking better than all of my colleagues (or at least in my head) hahah. Let's just say that I'm going to be praying that my consulting business takes off, and I get to have the option to do what I love and work in my pjs.
  5. Plethora of opportunities and funding opps at my fingertipsThough the resources were often hard to find and get, at least the opportunities existed! I have been able to follow my dreams of traveling, working, teaching abroad, and going to a beach in Latin America. How many of us can say that these opportunities are still as abundant after one leaves the abundant of resources that a college like Amherst provides? Unless you get a fellowship to do research or something?
  6. Free Events, Free Food, Free ConferencesAnd FOR FREE! Whether it be student groups putting on events or securing funding for outside conferences and travel experiences, college resources putting on events or bringing in speakers, lecturers, employers, and workshop-givers, or individual students hosting events, with free food, beverages, and more that I personally like to pack up and take home, especially for the winter months (free groceries)...Sigh. 
  7. Benefits of Being a Student/Student DiscountsBeing able to get a discount off almost everything, especially traveling... R I P... you will be sincerely missed. Use them while you can youngins! Peter Pan Bus lines, airlines, and so many restaurants and clothing stores offer student discounts!
  8. Intellectual AtmosphereAnd I am really going to miss being around actual smart people and having actually relevant conversations and actually making plans to change the world 24/7, going out, organizing empowering events, etc. and doing big things rather than working, Netflixing/tving, paying bills, sleeping and repeating.

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