Beginner’s Guide to Superhero TV

The following article was written by Laboni Hoque '19... 

So there’s a million superhero shows, you haven’t read the comics, but you need to get caught up with the times because Marvel and DC are literally blasting these things out at the speed of light…What’s worth watching, and what’s not?

Here’s your ranked list to delving into the currently airing Marvel and DC universes.


9. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Yeah, sorry, I literally have no idea why this show is a thing other than to give CW actors new jobs after unfortunately being written out of their original shows. This show has its moments, but I can’t say I will ever be in it for the long haul. Nuff said.

8. DC’s Arrow

I can honestly say it pains me a little to put this show so close to the bottom because it basically pioneered the TV superhero genre after Smallville went off air. Arrow started off incredibly strong with a great cast and dark villains like Slade, but it lost its way somewhere in the third season. Perhaps worth watching the first two seasons, but beyond that is a train wreck. Also, arrows will never beat guns, sorry Oliver Queen.

7. DC’s Supergirl

It’s an adorable watch with one of the only female heroines on this list. For a show about Superhero’s less famous cousin, this show has a delightful cast and engaging storylines that only occasionally fall flat.

6. DC’s Gotham

With a less than auspicious first few episodes, this show really finds its hold in developing the engaging personalities of many of our favorite villains like the Riddler. It has a different take from most shows on this list, but it is no less worth watching.

5. DC’s Flash

Probably the most family-oriented show on this list, Flash is a great watch if you’re in the mood for some feel good times. It’s sweet bordering on cheesy with some epic twists thrown in. 

4. Marvel’s Agents of Shield

In terms of Marvel, Agents of Shield is a must-watch. Intense, gritty, and epic ships. Lots to love about this show, and not much to hate besides occasionally loose writing.

3. Marvel’s Luke Cage

A spinoff from the hugely popular Jessica Jones, the hero Luke Cage has found his own place in the annals of history. After a slow start, this show ramps up into an intense ride of nonstop action and suspense until a fantastic finale.

2. Marvel’s Daredevil

What’s not to love about dark, gritty heroes and graphic fight scenes? With tight writing and even more nuanced characters, both seasons of this show are well worth binging. At first, it feels a little procedural, but the story begins to come together midseason 1.

1. Marvel’s Jessica Jones

My favorite show by far. This is definitely the darkest show on the list with a strong, independent female lead, who shares an intense psychological connection with the central villain of the show, Kilgrave.

Not Included in List: Iron Fist, Powerless, and probably some others because there are way too many, and Marvel and DC both need to calm down