As the year comes to a close with only about three weeks left, everything seems to be piling up. With Spring events popping up almost every weekend, all of your friends having birthdays in April, and all the teachers deciding that you need tests between your midterm and finals…life is buzzing by quickly.  We understand, and to make you feel better, here are a few #AmherstCollegeProblems unique just to us.



You have frequented CVS to buy so much chocolate, teddy bears, gift cards and other last minute gifts for friends, you’re pretty sure the cashier thinks you and your significant other have too many milestones.  

Your cute outfits are dwindling because of the sunny weather and all of the formal get-togethers. Well, who says variations aren't cute?

Your cute outfits are slightly ruined by the need to wear snow boots or a rain jacket because the weather is spiteful and unpredictable. It's fine...Embrace it!

You naturally wish people good luck because chances are they will be crying in a few hours because of some midterm.



You forgot about your final project.

You just found out that everyone in your class also forgot and therefore you no longer feel bad about the mishap.  Yes let’s just all wallow in our failure together for a few days and then pull the all-nighters to get an A.



This weekend looks incredibly packed because of the Spring Formal, the Icona Pop concert and you have the strong feeling that someone’s birthday is coming up.  Maybe it’s yours?

You barely have time to contact everyone back home so you’re almost 100% sure they think you’re dead.

You can’t remember to put your things in storage despite all of the AllCollegeStorage post cards filling your mailbox.

The school year is ending and you are still sorting out your summer plans.


Despite everything, you know you will pull through because, Hey You’re a Lady Jeff.  This is what you do!