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Alternative Indie and Folk Artist on the Rise: Sam Levin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Amherst chapter.

“At a time when legitimately good music is hard to come by, Levin shows us that it still exists.”

-Sheva Deutsch, ReviewFix.com


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     Sam Levin may be new to our playlists, but he is not new to the music scene. From 5 years old, Levin has been singing and songwriting, and currently, he continues to write his own songs as a multi-instrumentalist.  He’s been playing guitar since he was 5, writing songs since he was 7, and releasing his music since he was 10.  Now 16, Sam releases his 2nd full-length album, I Am, all music and lyrics written, performed and co-produced by him.

According to Sam, “It’s not just self-analysis.  I wanted to push my music forward, create an experience that people would listen to from beginning to end, from song to song, really commit to the whole experience and hopefully feel like they got something out of it…I can only start to write about other things if I write about myself first,” says Levin.  “This is me stepping in to my sound while also realizing what I do, what I think, what I feel, and who I am.” His obvious engagement with his chosen sect of the arts as more than a hobby and reveals a passion for his work that evidences an authentic expression which causes even the most passive listener to listen closely and sympathize with his smooth tunes, having the effect of that of jazz.  This particular song has a calming effect that allows for introspection and internal reflection. It allows for the coming face to face with one’s pensiveness, the bridge between thought, emotion, and internal conflict, resulting as a fluid release thorough release from the sounds of his guitar, the strum of his fingers, and the croon or hum of his voice. I AM is, in its simplicity a masterpiece of utter distinct rawness, truly a breath of fresh air from the fleeting excitement and uproar currently surrounding the state of the music industry. Like a patient, knowing teacher, I AM evokes an inescapable, but pleasantly introspective journey to the listener. In agreeance with Deutsch, Levin’s I AM of alternative indie-rock and modern folk with a jazz texture, transports his listener to a different place and for the active listener, a place of an unforgettable out-of-body experience.

Stream I AM on  Spotify or Soundcloud for more tunes, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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