5 Women's Empowerment Websites to Bookmark Now!

  1. Girlboss

From financial advice (investment, budgeting, etc.) to self care tips and tricks, to features of amazing women and women owned-businesses, Girlboss hasn't failed me yet! I actually look forward to their e-mails and actively take time out of my day to browse the site in search of new articles and content. Yes. It's that good.  They even have a GirlBoss Rally coming up, and I've applied to their scholarship to attend! Visit the site now, and discover what they have to offer. I promise you will not be disappointed.

  1. Born to Be Unique in Christ

A holistic health and wellness social entrepreneurship venture in the making and current non-profit organization founded by yours truly, Born to Be Unique in Christ is not your typical faith-based organization. Our motto is "More healing. Less preaching," and they provide a multitude of free services to everyone (including Love Thy Neighbor awards) but targeting high-need, low-income and first generation individuals and communities, jobs and internships, volunteer projects, and a very engaging blog that is under construction. We also sell natural fitness products and are looking forward to new projects!

  1. Our Very Own 22 Under 22HerCampus

From social activism, to arts, to healthcare, to STEM and so much more, the featured collegiate women are making a difference worldwide!Discover these lovely young ladies doing wonderful works all over the world! Also, nominations are open, so if you know someone making positive impacts on the world, nominate them!

  1. 1,000 Black Girl Books

"In late 2015, Marley Dias noticed that something major was missing from the books she was reading in school. “I wasn’t seeing girls like me—black girls who are smart,” she says. In fact, most of the stories her class was reading in school didn’t feature any characters at all who were black. “The ones that did were very one-dimensional. Black girls are not being portrayed fully,” Marley explains.

So the 11-year-old New Jersey girl set out to collect 1,000 amazing stories featuring black girls. “Black girls need to see stories about girls like them,” Marley says. “Our voices and stories are so important.”

She created the hashtag #1000blackgirlbooks, and her book drive took off. Marley began receiving books from people all over the world. In just a matter of months, Marley collected more than 7,000 books of many different genres and was asked to speak on several big talk shows. “People were surprised because I’m 11. But they were also proud of me.” Click here to see some of her interviews