5 Reasons to Join Abre Dance Company!

Come audition for Abre Dance Company! We are not looking for people with only amazing technique and beautiful lines or a certain style of moving, but we also simply want people with passion, with fire, and with SOUL when they move. We want people who desire to express themselves however they feel--just via movement, whether that be stress, fun, pain, joy, contentment, sensuality, a quest for something, love, or just to celebrate your culture and its style of movement. We want a variety--hip hop, contemporary, ballet, ballroom, African-style, Indian-style, improvisers, break dancers, majorettes, a style that doesn't exist yet/YOUR OWN STYLE ... we simply want you and your love for dance and movement. Whether you think you're good or not, come through anyway to either audition, watch, or support those who audition, as well as drink some hot chocolate (BRING YOUR OWN CUP or MUG! #Sustainability)

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] for questions or more info!

  1. Open to all levels, genders, ethnicities, and dance backgrounds, including none.
  2. Abre is Spanish "Open"
  3. Free Styles of Dance and Movement
  4. Emphasis on Passion and Desire to move/dance with others or alone rather than lines and form (though both are appreciated here!)
  5. We have a "Come As You Are Mentality"

Audition Form