5 Pieces of Advice from Experienced Women

As a second semester senior just a few short months from being chucked into the world, I’m desperately clinging to any advice I can get.  So it occurred to me, why not reach out to some of the mothers of my team members and see what advice they would give to their eighteen to twenty-one year-old selves.  They had lots of great stuff to say!



Cherish your women friends, because the men do get boring after a while, especially when you’re a senior in college.  Being a senior in college is hard, because the guys have a new pool coming in every year.  Women friends are great, and they last.



Remember that you guys are at Amherst.  You are at the top of the top.  So when people tell you that it’s a competitive job market and a competitive world out there, you tell them “Good.  Because I’m here to compete.” 



Marry your best friend.  The passion may die eventually, but you’ll have a lot of fun.  And marry someone who challenges you and who has smarts that complement yours–someone who is intellectually curious.    



Ask lots of questions, especially when you start your first job.  Asking questions is not a sign of weakness.  It will show people that you care, and they will want to take you under their wing and guide you.



Drink Prosecco, but with caution.  Prosecco is delicious, and it’s lower in alcohol content than champagne.  However, be careful, because it has fewer bubbles than champagne, so it goes down more easily and you can drink it faster.  This can be dangerous, as some of us have learned the hard way…