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5 Good Reasons to Join ACTS (Adventist Christians Together to Serve)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Amherst chapter.
  1. Not Everyone Are Christians, Nor Expected to Be
  2. Meet New PeopleWe all want to be your friend!
  3. Free FoodAnd we’re always trying something new! After every service, we either eat homemade delights, food that the E-board bought (i.e. pita pocket), food at UMass Dining, or if we travel to Florence Church, which we do, we have Potluck after service with a variety of different foods!
  4. TravelWe love to travel during the semester and over the summer! We go to retreats, conferences, local churches, and have traveled all over the U.S. We often travel to NYC.
  5. Ability to Ask Questions and StudyIf you got questions, we want you to ask them! No question is dumb except the one not asked! We want to learn together (and travel, eat, and make friends hah). So what are you waiting for??? Contact sjones19@amherst.edu for more info.
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