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Your Favorite Desserts, But Healthier

We all love indulging, but sometimes when trying to get that summer bikini bod, indulging really just isn’t an option. So, why cut something you love out of your diet? Just find a healthier alternative! Listed below are just some more health conscious alternatives to our favorite desserts. Take a look and try them out! There are so many ways to keep treats in your diet, don’t count them out! Also, a great way to find out other healthy alternatives is to follow pages that include recipes on instagram, blogs and twitter (pages like @healthyfitnessmeals, @sammybfit, @healthfood, and @leanfitnessrecipes)

Apple Pie

For those Apple Pie lovers out there, try this Healthier Apple Pie, made with whole wheat crust. This healthy pie is completely sugar free, and uses lemon juice for extra flavor.

Ice Cream

We all love ice cream, on a warm day or literally any time. Try out this peanut butter and honey banana ice cream. The recipe calls for bananas, nutella, peanut butter, frozen strawberries, cinnamon, condensed milk and cocoa powder. Create this cold healthy alternative to fulfill all your ice cream needs.


Who doesn’t love getting a cupcake from Crumbs or even Georgetown Cupcakes? Well, don’t cut these out of your diet just yet! This recipe includes many different fruity cakes to feed this craving:

Blueberry Cupcakes, which consist of coconut infused blueberry cake and actually mashed potatoes, making it low in fat but high in flavor.

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes made with reduced-fat cream cheese and sour cream frosting that is only 40 calories!

Vanilla cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting, consisting of vanilla-infused cake with applesauce as a fat replacer for butter.

Raspberry Swirl Cupcakes made out of whole wheat flour with raspberry puree and lemon cake zest.

Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Marshmallow frosting, using shredded apple as an oil replacement.


For chocolaty goodness, try one (or both) of these recipes. First, there are these Skinny Peanut Butter Swirl cupcakes made without flour, butter, or oil making it compact but delicious. Then, try out the Raw Vegan Fudge brownies made without any sugar, and you don’t even have to turn on the oven. These brownies get their sweetness from bananas and dates.

Cookie Dough

Raw cookie dough can turn a bad day into a good one, can make any breakup easier to deal with, and wash all those tears away. Why feel guilty about eating a whole tub? With this healthy raw cookie dough, the use of honey, coconut sugar, almond sugar and vegan chocolate chips makes them equally delicious as nutritious!


Can you ever say no to Cheesecake? Well, stop finding reasons to say no, and say yes to this low fat cheesecake. With low-fat cinnamon gram crackers, fat-free cream cheese, vanilla extract and lemon zest, try out this healthier alternative to that Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake you crave!


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