Woman of the Year: Tam Sackman, SOC '16

When I first met Tam I thought she was very welcoming and friendly. After a short time of talking with her, it isn’t hard to see what a good hearted person she is – with a lot of ambition to boot! Tam’s a great conversationalist, and I think anyone would feel comfortable talking to her. Even after only meeting her for a short time, the very next day she enthusiastically said "Hi" to me in MGC. I think this is important to note, because not only is she a deserving winner, but a genuinely good person with a bright future ahead. 

Tam Sackman is the first female SUB director after a string of male directors. She has also written for Brightest Young Things, The Eagleas well as many other publications. She’s interned with National Geographic and DiscoveryTo recap: she’s going places.

Her Campus American University: Describe yourself in under five words.

Tam Sackman: Tam is a total weirdo.

HCAU: Tell us about your internships, which have been at National Geographic and Discovery!

TS: Discovery was a great learning experience, but horrible commute. I learned a lot, like how I don’t want to work in nonfiction TV – I want to make stuff, not report on it. They really care about their interns, though.

HCAU: What piqued your interest in writing and media?

TS: I started writing for The Eagle because I wanted free concert tickets, and I was always confident in my writing. Writing is the one thing that combines what I like with what I’m good at. In high school I started really getting into music. It’s all connected. I’m obsessed with culture, music, film, literature, arts and TV – they all intersect and that’s fantastic. You don’t have to choose one.

HCAU: What women do you look up to?

TS: I look up to my peers. I look out. I became a very honest person in college. My best friend in high school was very blunt. People deserve bluntness. Bluntness and rudeness are not the same thing. My sense of humor comes from most of my friends. I have a really weird sense of humor. If I had to choose one defining trait it would be my sense of humor. I feel like a sense of humor is like an outlook.

HCAU: What makes you feel powerful?

TS: Seeing other powerful women and knowing that I have a team behind me, not just women who look like me or like the same things as me. We should celebrate each other’s successes. I think we’re moving towards that.

HCAU: How do you stay balanced with your work, social and academic life?

TS: I don’t take anything too seriously. Nothing is ever as serious as we make it or think it is. Things that are serious shouldn’t be all consuming. I compartmentalize. My academics are pure fun right now. I’m only taking three classes. I love these classes. If I wasn’t studying what I cared about, I wouldn’t be succeeding. Also, I have a photographic memory, which has been kind to me in college.

HCAU: What are you passionate about?

TS: I’m passionate about culture, music, art, literature, TV, film, digital content, food, drink, media and comedy. I’ve been able to be around all of that, which is awesome.

HCAU: What/where would you like to be in 10 years?

TS: All I can really think about is my career. I’m not saying that is a good or bad thing. I would love to be writing about a female-centric comedy. People are realizing that women are funny. There are a million places I can see myself in 10 years. The plan was to move to New York and work at a talent agency. I’m not set on ending up at one place, as long as I’m happy. I’m confident in myself. This is a mind blowing concept for a woman to say, but I think I’m a valuable asset to these communities I’m entering. Do what you enjoy doing until it makes you miserable and do something else.

HCAU: What advice do you have to empower other women?

TS: Your skills and opinions, all those are worth while and valuable. Don’t make anyone make you feel like what you have to offer is not valuable.

HCAU: What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten and from who?

TS: Career wise, my advice would be to make yourself someone people want to be around. I hate when I go to career because I don’t think it is synonymous with my life but the best advice would be to help other women succeed.


Photo Credit: Kristie Chua