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Will and Grace Returns to TV With Powerful Political Message

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Television’s favorite foursome is back! Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker and Jack McFarland are back on our TV screens, something we’ve been waiting ten long years for. What can we can expect from “Will and Grace” this time around? As much as we would all love to have “Will and Grace” back full time, they come back solely to leave a powerful message to their viewers.

Prior to the comeback being announced, the cast mates took to social media to tease what would end up being a ten-minute mini-episode aimed at addressing one issue in particular. #VoteHoney quickly made its way across multiple social media platforms, leading to fans wondering what to expect from this oh-so-perfect cast.

With their controversial banter, perfect comedic timing, and fantastic chemistry Will, Grace, Karen and Jack have always pushed the boundaries with topics of conversation, whether it be about religion, sexual orientation, or family and friendship dynamics.

This ten-minute mini-episode is no exception. The cast clearly delivers a political message, urging viewers to see the pros and cons of both candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, ultimately leading fans in the Democratic direction in support of candidate Hillary Clinton.

With the character of Karen Walker cast as the only Trump supporter, Will and Grace desperately try to make her see the other side. Jack seems to be ambivalent, but that is not surprising. 

With the nature of the show always leaning more towards the liberal side, it’s no surprise that the cast would chose to overtly support Hillary Clinton. This show’s message was always equality and acceptance of all by showing love and support to others. This mini episode does nothing but that. Regardless of what your political beliefs may be, this episode of “Will and Grace” just encourages viewers to do one thing, and one thing only: go out and #VoteHoney!

Click here to watch the cast back in action! 


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