Why You Should Listen to Rare by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has come back with a bang with her third studio album, Rare. This album is her first since 2015’s Revival. Overall, it’s an empowering album about despite the struggle of losing relationships and growing as a person.

Selena doesn’t change her style but continues to stick with soft speech-like vocals and catchy choruses. Her lyrics are beautiful and personal like the honest “Vulnerable” and the heart-wrenching “Lose You to Love Me.” Songs like “Ring” and “Rare” capture Gomez’s confidence and across the album, her strength. Overall, there are many reasons why the album is worth a listen.

It’s catchy as hell

This is an album you can vibe with. It gets in your head and makes you want to break the replay button. That’s the best part of Pop music, right? Selena Gomez has always been a pop singer with catchy songs, but what’s amazing is she continues making hits even now. One of the songs on this album I loved after the first listen was “People You Know.” I’m a sucker for songs with a similar story to Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” so of course I’m hooked on the premise of the song. Another song I immediately replayed after the first listen was “Ring.” I was like, did I hear that right? The song is crazy confident and trust me, you need it in your life. It’s even kind of funny and of course in undeniably catchy.​

It’s empowering and you deserve that

Other songs besides Ring give off powerful woman vibes. Overall, Rare is an empowering album. The title track, “Rare” affirms that when someone loves you they should treat you like you’re special (because you are). It’s great to have a song that reminds us we deserve to be treated like the beautiful unique people we are. Overall, making the title track an empowerment anthem was an admirable of Gomez, it gives the entire album the theme of empowering oneself and making sure you are treated like the queen you are. Another song that is empowering off the album is “Look​



It’s well written

One song from this album that stands out the most is “Lose You to Love Me.” The opening piano will give you chills. The lyrical opening and words throughout are compelling, elegant, and well-crafted. To me, one of the things that truly makes songwriting an art is when the chorus changes throughout the song. The way Gomez transfers from “I had to hate you to love me” to “I had lose you to find me” and “I needed to lose you to love me” makes the song have such an impact on its listener. Another song with impactful lyrics is  “Let Me Get Me.” It’s a catchy one, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it has no purpose. The lyrics reflect a struggle with mental illness that is easy to understand. Gomez opening up about anxiety and depression in her music is inspirational and good for listeners who can relate. It’s another layer that adds honesty to the album. Another song with excellent lyrics is “A Sweeter Place.” Particularly the bridge stands out with its “have no fear, heaven is near” with the additional “head is so clear” that feels triumphant. Also the line “red lips French kiss my worries away” is just a great lyric.

It’ll put you in a good mood

Finally, this album is great to dance or sing to and really just make you feel like a boss. Songs like “Dance Again” and “Crowded Room” are bound to make you feel good. Literally the line “feels so good to dance again” will make you want to dance with Selena and feel like your powerful self. “Crowded Room” is a romantic song with lovely vocals. The “call me in the morning” in soft soprano is bound to make the listener feel soothed.


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