Why it's Worth Getting a Keratin Treatment


We all have those mornings where we wake up and our hair is just not having it - drum role to it being a bad hair day. A way I've found to tame my hair that actually works is getting the keratin treatment. It is a product that is put in your hair when you go to the salon that keeps it straight, and makes it easier to straighten with a flat iron, for four months. Although it can be expensive, the keratin treatment is becoming a popular way to have more good hair days. I can personally attest to its effectiveness and am here to tell you why you should stop listening to the ads on T.V. about sprays, oils, or shampoos that will control your hair and spend a little extra on a keratin treatment for your hair.


The treatment is two hours long in the salon. Your hair must be washed with a sulfur-free shampoo and no conditioner. After getting blow dried,  your hair gets a treatment painted on your hair like getting highlights. Then, you must sit for twenty minutes with the treatment fully in your hair. Finally, your stylist will blow dry it, flat iron it, and trim it if you would like a hair cut. I have been getting this treatment for the past five years and it has been a life saver!

After your hair is blow dried and flat-ironed at the salon, there is absolutely NO putting up your hair, tucking it behind your ears, or even washing it for three days. Although it sounds terrifying to walk around with a greasy head, just think how you’ll have months with smooth, sleek hair.

I have always had wavy hair and had many days where it has been out of my control. Whether I wanted to put it in a ponytail or braids, it was still all over the place. Now, I have been getting keratin treatments for the last five years and my hair is easier to work with. Treat yo’self and go to your favorite salon to get your first keratin treatment!          



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