What You Should Look For in Friends

What determines if someone is worthy enough to be in your life? When it comes to gathering your posse, you want people who will have your back (not stab it). Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is being unkind or is just a little lost. They say you have to earn your friendships to have good ones. But what traits should you look for when searching for your soul buddy? Some traits seem obvious like honesty and trustworthiness. But what really lets you know someone is there for you?

1. Good listeners

Not every friend you latch onto needs to be an excellent listener, but when you are in crisis or freaking out about something worth freaking out about, do they drop what they are doing to understand? The people who give you their time when you need it and genuinely care about what you have to say are the ones you want to lean on because they’ll be there for you through thick, thin, and everything in-between.

2. Personal Cheerleaders

The kind of people that build you up also bring you up. The best friends you can have are the ones that make you happy when you weren’t even necessarily sad. The people that make you realize things can always get better. Some smiles are just contagious and when you’re with people that really bring out your best you’ll find you can bring out joy for them too.

3. Geuine interest and care in your life

I think one of the greatest compliments a person can give is saying that someone is genuine. That means having purpose and good intentions every step of the way. It means being open and honest. People who are genuine have no selfish motives, no facade, no mask to take off. They’re the ones you know mean it when they say they love you and you know they’ll always be honest.

4. They are grateful AND generous

Giving and receiving are a part of life. Is this friend of yours truly the Santa Claus of giving? But do they also receive kindness from you with gratitude that makes you feel important? These are the real questions. Generous people are few and far between, but are a true blessing. Someone who is willing to give whether it’s time, energy, or presents, is someone worth keeping. Though being grateful is also something to look out for. People who make you want to keep giving to are the ones who truly appreciate you. Go and find you a pal that appreciates, don’t settle for less!

5. Their sense of humor works for you

Everyone has a sense of humor. Some people have rather bizarre ideas of what is funny, but if someone makes you laugh again and again you’ll know they’re a good fit. Your people help you develop your own sense of humor. When you are your best self and most comfortable, that’s when the jokes get weird and yet, that’s sometimes the best. Finding people who think you’re funny that you also think are hilarious--that’s peak friendship finding.

I advise you to go off and find your posse, your people, or even just one good solid person who will carry you over that nasty looking puddle. Friendships are underrated, but you don’t have to let that be the case of your life. Once you have found people who bring out the best in you that you feel like you never tire of, you gotta hold on tight. That’s when you go back through what you were looking for in a friend and apply it to yourself. Being genuine will attract genuine friends. So go and be your best and you’ll be sure to find your crazy crew!

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