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Vyette Tiya ’19: AU Senate Candidate

Meet Vyette Tiya, a freshman and a candidate for American University Undergraduate Senate!

Her Campus American University: Why did you choose AU?

Vyette Tiya: I chose AU for the international relations degree and because it had the perfect mix of being in DC, but also still having a campus. I was enticed by the overall international diversity, and the diverse demographics. 

HCAU: Why did you choose to run for the Senate position?

VT: I contribute something that is not always reflected in the undergraduate Senate — more than just being a girl or a student of color, I have lived in international countries, so I can bring a different perspective on a variety of issues. I think that in terms of diversity on campus, it’s more than it just being about one race versus another, I think it is more interconnected. Going to an international school, diversity was the norm, and that is something that I want to bring to this school. This school prides itself in being diverse, but you can definitely sense that there are issues surrounding diversity. I am experienced and I am also passionate about leadership, and it is something I have done throughout high school. 

HCAU: What issues are important to you?

VT: I think what needs to be addressed is cultural sensitivity— recognition of our words and what they mean and how we interact with people. Sexual assault is also another issue on campus. Fair represnation is also an important–being fair towards students and making sure issues are being dealt with fairly. Making sure that workers, specifically the Aramark workers, at AU are being treated fairly is also an important issue. It’s our responsibility to respect them because they are serving us. I also want to work towards overall diversification. I’m for diversity and inclusion.

HCAU: Are there any other activities you are involved with on campus?

VT: I’m involved with Model UN and I work at the University Center in MGC. So stop by and say hi!

HCAU: What is something people don’t know about you?

VT: I can rap the entire Alphabet Aerobics song!

HCAU: What’s your campaign slogan, and why?

VT: Diversity, experience, passion. I’m a naturally enthusiastic person, and I think this sums what I stand for.


All photos belong to Vyette Tiya

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