Traveling Home for the Holidays: COVID Edition

Due to the development of COVID-19, traveling home for the holidays is more complicated than normal. Typically, you frantically pack and then try to find your way around the airport or train station to go home or to wherever you spend your holidays. This year, it is important to take even more steps to make sure you stay safe and healthy on your journey home for the holidays.

  1. 1. Please Please Please Wear a Mask

    While this is already a given, keep a mask on at all times. You don’t want to get grandma sick this Thanksgiving so just keep it on and maybe even double up with the plastic face cover mask.

  2. 2. Use Clorox Wipes EVERYWHERE

    I promise you, you won’t look weird if you wipe down everything around you whether that would be your seat, tray, window, walls, etc. This is for your own safety and for the people you will be seeing during the holidays.

  3. 3. Keep Several Hand Sanitizers on you

    There is no such thing as too many hand sanitizers. A good number to pack to keep on you, I think, is three, but it wouldn’t hurt to pack more in your suitcase if those somehow disappear.

  4. 4. Don’t Be Afraid to Speak up if you Feel Uncomfortable Around Someone who isn’t Being Safe

    Person looking outside of an airplane

    I know it can be hard to voice your opinion if you feel uncomfortable, but don’t be afraid to if someone isn’t being safe and taking precautions. A good ruse, if you don’t feel comfortable calling the flight attendant over, is to go to the bathroom and then speak with the flight attendant privately.

  5. 5. Keep your Distance from Everyone (People can be Dumb)

    Elbow tap

    Many people still don’t like to follow the rules before traveling like wearing a mask or quarantining beforehand. The best way to make sure you stay safe is to keep your distance from everyone around you (6 feet apart or more to be exact).

  6. 6. Bring Reinforcements to Keep Yourself Feeling Okay

    woman wearing black shirt eating popcorn

    Many traveling services, such as planes, aren’t giving beverages out or snacks which can be very unhelpful if you feel sick with the mask. Bring water with a straw and snacks to help if you ever feel sick or out of breath under the mask.

  7. 7. Other tips to stay safe!

    a laboratory worker takes a swab test

    While these are all basic precautions, if you want to go the extra mile get tested 72 hours before you go to wherever your holiday is (this is required by some states; check before you travel). You can also wear gloves to stay protected, just don’t touch your face!

I know this is a hard time to travel and see family, but if you follow this guide you will have an amazing and safe holiday. And if you are only spending the holidays with a few people, at least you kept everyone around you safe to help limit COVID’s spread. 

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Photos: Her Campus Media