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Top Tweets From The Hyper Network 2

On November 12, AU PRSSA and AU Social Media Club co-hosted The Hyper Network 2, an event featuring a panel of professionals, professors and AU alumni sharing their best networking advice.

Couldn’t make it? Not to worry. We pulled some of the best “#KnowledgeBombs” and hilarious moments from the live Twitter feed, so you won’t have missed a beat.

Disclaimer: YOLO, mini eggrolls and barrels full of fish may have made their way into the conversation.


AU Social Media Club @AU_SMCEDU

“Washington, DC has the most networking events in the country. More than NY w/ a population 10x. Go to the events.” @Plotkint #HyperNetwork2

Deniz Sonmez-Alpan @dsonmezalpan

“What is a networking event? Your life.” #knowledgebomb #Hypernetwork2 @Talan

Paula Tulis @PaulaTulis

#HyperNetwork2 Your classmates will be your colleagues. Be nice.


Create the barrel in which to shoot the fish…. #clever #HyperNetwork2 @DarienJay100

Kathryn Schramm @KathrynSchramm

“Email: Another arrow in your Katnis quiver.” Hunger Games networking. @Talan #HyperNetwork2 #KnowledgeBomb

AU Social Media Club @AU_SMCEDU

“Most important line in an email – subject line. Think about the tools that are often overlooked.” @Talan #HyperNetwork2

Jenna Mosley @Jenna_Moze

Make a deposit every day into the first bank of karma. Life advice at #HyperNetwork2

Lesley Siu @lesleysiu

“Resumes are not historical documents.” - @Talan #HyperNetwork2

Ben Loeb @loebben

“Pay it forward. Introduce people and help make connections.” -@morgangress #HyperNetwork2

Kelsey Balimtas @KelseyBalimtas

“Hey can we direct message?” Things NOT to do on Twitter… @chloetroia @talan #HyperNetwork2


Don’t be afraid to tweet directly to big brands. Get yourself out there. Make yourself known #HyperNetwork2 @DarienJay100

Christyanna Nguyen @ChristyannaWynn

If you can’t get someone to respond to your e-mails, turn to Twitter. But make yourself relevant #HyperNetwork2 #whynot

Kate Geubel @KateGreubel

Have a strategy for moving your online networking offline #HyperNetwork2


@Talan. You know twitter is important when it’s used this much. Especially with all of these live tweets during #HyperNetwork2

Darinka @DarinkaK

Let’s call this entire event a #KnowledgeBomb @Talan @AU_SMCEDU #HyperNetwork2

Caty Borum Chattoo @CatyBC

Thanks for the smart thoughts, @chloetroia @talan @catybc @Plotkint @morgangress @darienjay100. Fun paneling with you! #HyperNetwork2

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