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girl lounging relax 2
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Top 10 Fashion Trends of Quarantine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

As you can probably already guess, the 2020 fashion season definitely did not go as planned. Nonetheless, fashion has prevailed and there have definitely been some notable trends that have emerged out of this year. In this article, we rank the best fashion trends that have come out of months of watching Netflix, doing crafts and zooming. 

Sofia Gonzalez

10. Gold hoops to spruce up any outfit

Gold hoops are a staple even when we aren’t in a global pandemic, which is why I put them at 10. I think it’s funny how much of a go-to piece these have become because we truly can’t be bothered to put the effort into wearing any other jewelry. For some reason, the hint of gold makes the sweatshirt you’ve been wearing for 3 days straight seem a little more classy. 

Melody Jacob
Melody Jacob / Unsplash

9.  Activewear sets for doing absolutely nothing 

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when we were all trying to get fit and doing the Chloe Ting workouts? Yeah, me neither. Workout sets are super cute don’t get me wrong, however, being dressed for a run while binge-watching Netflix just doesn’t feel the same as being in sweatpants. 

8. Slipper sandals to show off your pedicure 

When I first saw these I can’t lie, I thought they were so pointless. I thought the open-toed look to these ruined the point because slippers are supposed to keep your toes warm. I finally understood the hype when the summer months came I wanted to be cozy and cool all at the same time. Plus, with all this time for self-care, you can show off your perfected pedicure skills too!

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7. Blue-light glasses for Zoom University 

With online classes fully in swing, blue-light glasses are more popular than ever. I have yet to try these myself, but I have heard mixed reviews on them. Some say their blue-light glasses are the online thing keeping their head from turning into complete goo while others say they don’t do anything at all. I guess it doesn’t hurt to give them a try!

woman wearing mask while grocery shopping
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

6. Sunglass Chains for masks

If Audrey Hepburn was in this pandemic with us I think this would be the quarantine trend she would be sporting. I think this trend is both classy and clever, it makes it easy to quickly pop on your mask whenever you’re getting close to someone. I think it’s perfect for going out to dinner so you can put your mask on when the waiter comes by but take it off to eat without the hassle. 

PSK Collective

5. Biker shorts for when you just don’t want to wear pants 

Biker shorts make any over-sized t-shirt that you definitely slept in the night before feel like a cool trendy outfit. Even if you’re staying home all day, feeling good about what you’re wearing can really impact your mood. Plus they’re extremely comfortable! Throw on a pair of biker shorts, and oversized T and your trusty gold hoops and you have a perfect quarantine outfit.

4. Tennis skirts to be classy and cozy

I think biker shorts and tennis skirts are those types of styles where you love one and hate the other. If you’ve tried the biker short trend and just didn’t love it I definitely recommend trying tennis skirts out as an alternative. They’re super flowy and comfy while also making you feel preppy and cute all at once. 


3. Sweatshorts because they’re basically boxers 

I feel like boys have been wearing these for years and it’s about time for the rest of us to hop on board. Sweatshorts are kinda a similar concept to slipper sandals in that it takes something that is supposed to keep you warm and does the exact opposite. For some reason, they are the perfect medium between full-blown pajama shorts and athletic shorts and overall perfect for quarantine. 

2. Lounge sets because making outfits is just too much 

Lounge sets really bring the early 2000’s sweatsuit vibes back in style and I am loving it! They are absolutely perfect for when you can’t decide between staying in your pajamas all day or actually figuring out an outfit, it’s like both at once! The versatility is great, you can match pieces of your set with your other quarantine staples like biker or sweatshorts!

Courtesy of Free People via FabFitFun

1.   Tie-dye because duh 

The bright cotton candy colors and swirls everywhere definitely have brightened my mood up during quarantine. There is something so youthful and fun to this trend that just cheers you up during this dark time. Beyond wearing tie-dye, it’s given us a fun craft to do while we are staying safe in our homes. Definitely a trend that we’ll all end up associating with the time in the future!


Molly Molloy

American '22

Molly is a freshmen at American University. She loves fashion, exploring new places, and dogs! Molly is and active feminist and an aspiring journalist.