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Things to do around DC on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to do in the DC area with your Valentine/Galentine. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating any type of love in your life, whether it’s platonic, romantic, or familial. 

Here are some ideas on what you can do with your significant other or your girls on Valentine’s Day!

Below is a list of places to go with your significant other for Valentine’s Day:

A Dinner Date at a Restaurant: 

Washington DC is a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day as restaurants are often decorated with romantic backdrops during this time of the year. Dining out is probably one of the most popular and best things to do on a day to celebrate your romance. Some of the best restaurants to go to for the perfect Valentine’s day date are Le Diplomate, Il Canale, Apéro, and Bodega.

Ice Skating at Georgetown:

Go grab some dinner with your partner at the variety of restaurants available at Georgetown, such as Maggiano’s Little Italy, Fiola Mare, Martin’s Tavern, and Pinstripes. After you get some dinner, you can finish your night by ice skating at the Georgetown Waterfront. Nothing’s more romantic than exploring the city with a great view and the person you love. 

Take your date to the City Center DC: 

Taking your date to the heart of Washington DC perfectly encompasses your romance. City Center DC is always beautifully decorated for Valentine’s Day with neon lights. There are also many restaurants around the area such as Fig & Olive, Momofuku CCDC, and DBGB Kitchen & Bar.

Sometimes it’s hard to not focus on all the couples around but remember that Valentine’s Day does not have to be just for couples! 

Below is a list of things to do with your single girl’s on Valentine’s Day:


Get dressed up for a photoshoot with your girls! Some places you can go are the Union Market heart wall, CityCenter DC, Georgetown, or the Blagden Alley murals. Go take some cute pictures to post on Instagram, and in the meantime, here’s your reminder to stay off your feed so you don’t have to look at all the pictures of couples if you’re trying to avoid that.

A rooftop date with your girls: 

Get dressed up in some cocktail dresses and go get a nice dinner. Some places you could go to in DC are Red Derby, Cortez DC, Conservatory, 12 Stories, and El Techo.

Crumbs and Whiskers: 

The cats here are so therapeutic and very much needed for people who struggle with Valentine’s Day. Go pet some cats and cuddle with them to take your mind off of anything that may be bothering you.

Whether you’re alone or not on Valentine’s Day, there is so much that you can do to celebrate the holiday. Even if you are single, make sure to cherish your time alone or with your girls. Until you find your person, don’t dread Valentine’s Day. Take the day into your hands and treat yourself by making the most of the day.

Sulakshi Ramamoorthi is a freshman at American University majoring in International Studies. She was born and raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Sulakshi is currently a contributing writer for HerCampus. She is deeply passionate about women's rights, politics and mental health.
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