On the Sweetness of "Sweetener:" Ariana Grande's Latest Album

A few months ago, Ariana Grande released her long-awaited fourth studio album “Sweetener,” and the August 17th release date was highly anticipated by many fans, including myself. Following the 2017 Manchester attacks, it was not expected that Grande would release another album any time soon. The first single off the album is “No Tears Left To Cry,” which pays tribute to the events of Manchester and demonstrates Grande’s remarkable strength. The upbeat song is definitely one to listen to.

Ariana Grande is known for being an empowered woman. “God is a Woman” shot up the charts from the time it was released. This song is a power statement to women illustrating how they are in control. I don't know about you, but I definitely felt like a strong woman after listening to it.

Partnering up with Nicki Minaj on “The Light is Coming,” the allusion to the Manchester events begins with a classic Nicki rap, while Grande tries to comfort the world by promising that the light will replace the darkness.

For not being a single, “Breathin” has taken the apple charts by storm. Who knew that Grande could make a natural function seem this danceable? This is by far my favorite track of the album.

One instantly iconic track is “Sweetener.” Grande succeeded at creating a song that makes you want to dance in the mirror--not that I have ever done that before.

The track “Get Well Soon” takes a more serious note as it pays tribute to the Manchester attacks, much like “No Tears Left to Cry.” While the lyrics provide comfort, the remaining 44 seconds are a moment of silence to honor those who lost their lives. I know, I know--it’s confusing. I was confused, too, when I first heard the song, but I’m here to let you know that the silence is for Manchester.

This past June, Grande became engaged to Pete Davidson. The engagement seemed quick but their spark is evident, and she expressed her love for her man on the track “Pete Davidson.” Their engagement was a very shocking time for all of us Arianators. One minute and fourteen seconds of heartfelt lyrics illustrate the gratitude she has towards Davidson.

Most of the songs on the album are produced by Pharrell Williams. An album would not be complete without a fire feature. Williams and Grande collaborated on one of my favorite tracks, “Blazed.” Although it sounds like a song about smoking, it is another rhythmic song about love. I have learned from experience that this song is a great driving song!

These few songs are just part of the excellence that is “Sweetener.” If you are looking for a pop album by a pop princess, I highly recommend giving it a listen.