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This past Sunday the four top teams in the NFL battled it out in their respective divisional matches. The day started with the San Fransisco 49ers facing the Philidelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philidelphia for the NFC Championship title. The Eagles plowed past the injury-ridden and quarterback-less 49ers concluding the game with a 31-7 score. Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback and social media sensation Jalen Hurts celebrated by singing the Eagles fight song with his team and the fans post-game. 

The end of the NFC game marked the start of the AFC Championship title game. The Kansas City Chiefs took on the Cincinnati Bengals in Kansas City at Arrowhead stadium. Fans of, internet sensation, Joe Burrow had dubbed the stadium “Burrowhead” going into the game. The Chiefs led the game until the Bengals rallied late in the fourth quarter. However, it was not enough as the chiefs scored a game-ending field goal to stamp their ticket to the Superbowl.  

The Superbowl this year will be a star-studded event. On Feb. 12, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Philidelphia Eagles, and Rihanna will be the center of attention at State Farm Stadium in Ariz. Rihanna, who has not publicly performed since the 2018 Grammys is a highly anticipated part of this year’s Superbowl, with many fans hoping for new music. There will be a lot to watch, however, both Kansas City’s Travis Kelce and Philidelphia’s Jalen Hurts will have an additional audience. The two athletes have become increasingly popular on Tik Tok, trending with fans making edits of their game-time walk-ups and game-day plays. 

This Superbowl will have an increase in viewership from last year and female viewership might increase as well. The AFC championship game was the most viewed it has been in its history. No matter what you are looking for on Feb. 12, Superbowl LVII is sure to have it. 

Riddah Shaikh

American '25

Riddah is a Sophomore at American University double majoring in Environmental Studies and International Service. She is passionate about equal rights and environmental equity.