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The Struggles of AU’s New Printing System

With three weeks under our belts, it’s safe to say that most of us have encountered the American University library’s new printing system. If you haven’t, it can be summed up into two words: COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Come on AU, we get it. You were bored over the summer, like most of us, and decided to spend your time updating parts of campus that didn’t need to be fixed. Despite the fact that it might have sucked, we (as a student body) just came to terms with the old printing system. But now, after trying out the new system, it’s safe to say that we all wish we could go back to simpler times. Here’s a list of 13 things that happen when you are just THAT done:

1. AU tells you about the new system update, and you don’t understand why we needed a new one in the first place.

2. You have to register your computer and ID, and they make it sound like a year-long process.

3. You finally update your computer, and it is finished… TEN. MINUTES. LATER.

4. Everyone at the library will try to tell you how much time this will save you, but you know they are lying.

5. You won’t be able to figure out which line to stand in to get your work, because all of them are longer than both Einstein’s and Freshii combined.

6. When your print job isn’t there, you will have to start all over again. IT’S OKAY, I’LL JUST BE LATE TO CLASS. IT’S FINE.

7. You will make friends in the printing line. Your choice topic of conversation? HOW THE NEW PRINTING SYSTEM IS RUINING LIVES.

8. After multiple attempts to send jobs from your computer to the printers, you will ask for help only to discover that no one understands how to help you. *CUES EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL SCREAMING*

9. Eventually you’ll accept that you’ll just be late to class. All. The. Time.

10. You’ll also accept that you may never see another printed copy of your homework as long as you live.

11. When someone in your class tells you that the printer was working for them, you’ll have to resist the urge to fight someone.

12. You’ll contemplate buying your own printer, until you look up how much printers cost. #AINTNOBODYGOTMONEYFORTHAT.

13. You will repeat process when your professor assigns next week’s homework. 


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