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  1. “Umbrella Academy” (Netflix)

A dysfunctional family of adopted sibling superheroes are reunited over the dark news of their fathers unexpected and mysterious death and are soon faced with the threat of an imminent apocalypse. As these 5 superheroes try to figure out what is going on, their sister who supposedly has no powers, meets someone and learns that things aren’t what they seem to be. This is a good binge with two seasons and an excellent soundtrack.

  1. “Derry Girls” (Netflix)

This hilarious show takes place in 1990s Northern Ireland, following 16 year old Erin and her friends as they want to make the best of their adolescent years. Erin, Clare, Michelle, Ola and James are trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be as they get into plenty of trouble and learn about friendship. This show is a good laugh with some hilarious plot points; perfect for a fall pick me up.

  1. “Gilmore Girls” (Netflix)

Set in the lively small town of Stars Hollow Connecticut, the show centers around the close relationship between mother daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory. “Gilmore Girls” includes witty dialogue, love and heartbreak, and will make anyone want to move to Stars Hollow, where everything is decorated specifically for each season, thanks to their uptight town selectman.

  1. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (Hulu)

This show includes it all: demon slaying, romance, comedy and world peril. Taking place in Sunnydale, California where vampire slayer Buffy Summers and her friends take on demons and vampires while saving the world from an apocalypse one too many times. Buffy is a full time demon slayer and full time highschool student and daughter, as she has to juggle everything in her life, while still rocking her fashionable fits and impaling vampires. 

  1.  “Freaks and Geeks” (Hulu)

Starring Seth Rogan, Jason Segal, James Franco, Busy Phillips and Linda Cardellni, this show set forth a new generation of tv focusing on the stoner burnout kids. As Lindsey catches the eye of burnout, Daniel, with his friends she begins to see a different aspect of highschool and life, while also ditching classes and smoking weed, while her younger brother Sam and his friends are trying to survive their freshman year of highschool with their classification as nerds. When Sam’s prolonged crush on the most popular girl in freshman year starts talking to him, things start looking up. This show paved the way for many more similar to it and started the trend of not focusing on the popular kids anymore; it was truly ahead of its time. 

  1. “New Girl” (Netflix)

This show begins after main character Jess Day breaks up with her boyfriend and moves into a loft with three single men. The viewers are brought along by the four roommates and how they become an unlikely family. “New Girl” is absolutely hilarious, giving each character funny and unique personalities that play off one another well and who doesn’t want to watch a show about struggling 30 year olds. This is a show that you will be quoting all day long, and won’t regret watching.

  1.  “Sex Education” (Netflix)

This british teen comedy centers around socially awkward Otis who even though doesn’t have experience in sex, can easily give great advice, which no doubt is because of his sex therapist mother. With a school full of hormonal sex-crazed teenagers who have little knowledge about sex education, Otis teams up with social outcast Maeve to run a secret sex therapy clinic. This show is full of colorful characters and comedy causing it to be a must watch this fall, especially with the current release of season three. 

  1.  “Veronica Mars” (Hulu)

The show “Veronica Mars” follows a highschool student and full time private detective, Veronica Mars. Season one starts off in a new school year where Veronica is a sudden social outcast after her bestfriends mysterious murder less than a year before. As she tries to figure out the murderer more secrets unfold. This is a fun show that keeps you on your feet with mystery and also stars Kristen Bell as witty, sarcastic, Veronica Mars.

Kaitlin is a sophomore at American. She is passionate about the environment and social rights. Kaitlin is a general writer at HCAU and currently lives in D.C
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