Senior Spotlight: Christina McAllister

The next Senior Spotlight shines on Christina McAllister. She has been a section editor for HCAU for over a year and the editorial team is going to miss her and her incridible writing so much. 

HCAU interviewed Christina to shed some light on what these past four years at American University have meant to her. 


Her Campus American: How long have you been in Her Campus American?

Christina McAlister: “I've been with Her Campus since sophomore year. I think fall semester and, yeah, it's been great ever since. I've loved it.”


HCAU: Why did you join HCAU?

CM: “I kind of wanted something that would work with my schedule and I just loved the freedom Her Campus gave me as a writer. It’s always allowed me to just do whatever I wanted to and write what I'm really passionate about.

“It was a great community of just women supporting women. And It's always been so much fun.


HCAU: What is your favorite or best piece you have written for HCAU?

CM: “I did an article on human trafficking in DC and how prominent the issue is here. I just really liked that piece because it was also published in the first Collegiette magazine so I felt really proud of it. I did a lot of research behind it, and it was a topic I'm really passionate about.

“And then, I recently did an article about LGBTQ+ clergy reacting to the Pope's recent statement. That was really great because I got great interviews and it was just really fun. It was good reporting again. I really liked the research and I really liked getting to know all these stories and interviewing all these different people."


HCAU: What have you learned from HCAU?

CM: "So much. I've learned to not take myself too seriously, not put too much pressure on myself just to like, as long as I am having fun, writing a piece and if I'm really passionate about it, it's going to come through in my articles and it's going to show. I think that's probably the most important thing I've learned from Her Campus.

“And I've also learned that just having a good community and a good group of friends outside my typical friend group is just great to have in college.”


HCAU: What will you miss most about HCAU?

CM: “I'm going to miss all of you guys. The e-board, the bonding. I just love it.

"Again, I keep repeating myself, but just a great community of all different kinds of people. I've met so many wonderful, great writers. And it's been great because I've been able to edit so many pieces and I've been able to learn from other writers through editing. I'm just really going to miss the community and all the fun we have.”

Person holding white scroll Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels HCAU: What is your major at American University and why?

CM: “So, I'm majoring in journalism with a minor in political science and I chose it because I've always wanted to be a journalist.

“I know a lot of people like change their career goals and I know a lot of people change majors, but I never did. I've always loved writing. I've always loved getting to know people.

“I majored in journalism just because I think it's so important to our American democracy. And I think people just love hearing other people's stories and they love talking about themselves.”


HCAU: How do you feel you have grown at college?

CM: “I've grown so much. It's so weird, like freshman year me was so shy and timid and I just didn't know what to do with herself. And I had never left my little hometown in the Midwest in Wisconsin, and then to come here and meet all these different kinds of people.

“I think I've, I've changed so much. I'm much more confident than I've ever been in myself. Especially with, you know, my work and my academics, I'm much more confident in that than I was when I started college.

“The biggest thing that's changed for me is my confidence and Her Campus has helped me a lot with that.”


HCAU: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment since coming to AU?

CM: “Honestly, probably being one of the writers that got to be part of the first Collegiette magazine. I got to write an article for the first issue, so that's probably been one of my biggest accomplishments.

“Also landing an internship when I studied abroad in London, that was great. And yeah, just so much has happened, but I would say probably those two are two of my biggest accomplishments.”


HCAU: If you could do these last 4 years over again, what would you do differently?

CM: “I wouldn't worry as much about. I won't put so much pressure on myself because at AU, I feel like you can get so easily sucked into just the culture of ‘Oh, I have three internships. I have this going on.’

“I just had so much on my plate. I was always so worried that I never did enough. So, if I could do these four years over again, I would just tell myself to relax and be in the moment and have fun with the college experience and just party hard. Let loose! Because you know, this is really like the last time I can be a kid almost.”


HCAU: How do you feel about graduation approaching?

CM: “Ooh, it's so intimidating, but I'm also really excited.

“I'm ready for this new chapter in my life, because even though I've loved college, I'm very ready to have just have a nine to five or, you know, just a job where at the end of the day, I can come home and relax and not have to worry about homework or this or that.

“I'm just really excited to like delve into the journalism field and focus on that rather than having to focus on just silly things like classes or assignments.

So, yeah, I'm just ready for this new chapter in my life.”


HCAU: Any plans for after graduation?

CM: “Well, I don't have any jobs lined up right now, but hopefully I get this daily news reporter position at my local newspaper back at home. Maybe stay there for a year. I also really want to travel once COVID restrictions are lifted.”


HCAU: Any advice for our readers and college women in general?

CM: “Enjoy it while it lasts, be present. I can't stress that enough.

“Again, I always was worried about what's going to happen, but if I've learned anything it just to be present in the moment and know you're going to get what you need to get done.”


Christina, HCAU is sad to see you go but is even more excited to see move on to bigger and better things. We are so proud of you!